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Millennials and Money: A Look at the Financial Attitudes of a Misunderstood Generation

It is fair to say that world is a different place in a variety of ways compared to how it was for previous generations of young adults, and many observers suggest that the so-called millennial generation has created their own set of rules when it comes to money. Getting married, buying a home and starting a family used to be the benchmarks of how your life was progressing and how successful you have been, but millennials are perceived to work to a different set of financial rules and life goals, …

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Is It Too Early To Prepare For Retirement?

With the average age of retirement being 63 and our life expectancy raising to just below 80 in the USA we are looking at around 17 years of life without work.  Which is just below a quarter of your life! Now consider that for the first 17 you probably won’t be earning and in fact well into your 20’s you could be in education.  YOu may have children to look after, grandchildren even?  Suddenly you might start to realise just how important saving for your retirement is!
So the question …

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Once You Have The Idea, You Just Need The Funding!

One of the hardest parts of starting a new business is getting the money together to do it. It can be extremely difficult to make sure that you have enough to get going fully. And, for young people, there simply isn’t the time to save enough to get started. So, you’re probably going to need to get some funding if you want to get a business started. And, to help you out, this post will be going through some of the best ways to go about doing this. Now, all …

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Investing for Beginners

Everyone knows that you need money to make money and if you have money then now is the time for you to make the most of it. Understandably the young generation right now might not feel qualified to enter the world of investment, but all you really need is a bit of guidance.
To put it in the most basic of basic turns, investing is simply a process of putting your money somewhere with the aim of getting more money back. This could involve either buying something or lending your money …

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To Rent Or Buy? The Eternal Question

To rent or to buy? It is a question that every person in their twenties has had to answer at some point. Even if you’re a professional slacker that loves living at home, you know the pros and cons of renting or buying. It is part of growing up, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t get any easier the older you get. There are benefits and negatives to both, and they are almost impossible to separate. Alas, you will have to separate them at some stage. With that in mind, this post …

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Three Reasons Why Millennials Are Effective When It Comes to Social Media

They Ask Why
All the time. They ask why when they shouldn’t. They ask why when they should. They always seem to be asking why and it’s not always for the wrong reasons.
Millennials want to understand they why behind a specific policy or procedure and if it seems archaic or inefficient to them they will do the research to present you with a better solution.
Millennials were taught early on that they could accomplish anything if they put their mind to it. While this can sometimes lead to disappointment for millennials it …

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Fast Forward: Small Financial Moves You Can Do Now That May Pay Off Big Later

Life can be full of twists and turns and decisions you make know can have an impact on your future in either a positive or negative way.
The same can be said when it comes to your finances, and many financial moves that you make now, however small, can help to shape your financial future.
Here is a look some savvy strategies that could make a difference in the long-term. There is an overview of an alternative way to look at your finances, plus some tips to keep more cash in the …

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Can Telematics Help Me Save On Car Insurance?

The next big thing in car insurance is here and is already at work in the industry: Telematics. You may have seen references to a little “black box” in insurance commercials; Progressive is one company that comes to mind (“Flo” plugs it into the bottom of the steering column). That black box works constantly to monitor your driving habits and relays that information back to the insurance company; that’s telematics, a means of monitoring your car.
How Does it Work?
For insurance purposes, the box specifically tracks your speed, how many miles …