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10 Best Personal Loans

Anyone who is looking for a personal loan will be happy to know that there are many different types of personal loans available. Here we will look at the 10 best personal loans. Each is slightly different and offers different benefits for different people; however they can be considered among the 10 best personal loans for the options they provide.
Fixed rate loans – Fixed rate loans means that the interest rate remains constant for the life of the loan. This is very common with personal loans and is popular as …

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Money Management

Money management is important for any individual. As long as you have income and expenses, it is vital that you are able to manage your money in order to remain financially independent. The good news is that money management is a skill that can be learned so even if you have been having trouble in this area, you can learn tools to help you manage your money more effectively.
Creating a Budget
A budget is the first step in money management. This involves listing all of your income and all of your …

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Tax Tips for Newlyweds

In April of 2015, a new tax allowance has been made available to newlyweds. The amount you are subject to is dependent on who is working in the house and how much money is earned. Therefore, it is easier to understand some of the differences when you file as a couple.
Know Your Tax Rate
When you get married, the new tax allowance is available for those who do not already pay a high tax rate. This means if you are marrying a person who is paying a higher rate of income …

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Are STEM Degrees Still a Viable Option?

Careers in STEM fields are generally considered the gold standard when choosing a major in college, but there is some talk that emphasis on technology degrees has created an over-saturation of the marketplace, leaving a flood of qualified graduates to fill relatively few vacancies. While this is certainly untrue for careers in the medical and science sectors, where demand remains high, what about careers in computer science and engineering?
Computer Science
This is one field where the technology has moved at such a rapid pace that it’s difficult for modern instructional institutions …

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Guarantor Loans: How to Decide Whom Your Guarantor Should Be

We all need a little help sometimes, and our finances are no different in this respect to any other aspect of our lives. Big dreams can require a lot of capital to fund, and it’s not always prudent or practical to delay these ideas until you have sufficient money in the bank.
This is where personal loans come in handy. For those who use them properly, they’re a fantastic tool for fast-tracking your financial situation to a more lucrative state, and guarantor loans are one of the most economical and low …

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Should You Use a Loan to Settle Bills After Christmas?

While there is much to be admired about the UK’s recent economic growth, some experts believe that it is far too reliant on debt-fuelled consumer spending. This has led a leading business group to downgrade growth forecasts for the next three years, lowering estimated GDP expansion from 2.6% to 2.4%. While this should not detract completely from economic growth in the UK, it does serve as a warning for businesses to measure their spending. It should also encourage customers to become more responsible borrowers, as they carefully appraise their financial circumstances …

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Are Your Investments and Savings Safe

No matter if you have your investments with an investment company or a savings account in a bank you need to be sure your money is safe in the event the investment company or bank becomes insolvent. Here is the definition of the FSCS also known as the Financial Services Compensation Scheme that will compensate you in the event an investment company or bank fails.
Deposits in Banks and Building Societies
For individuals that have accounts with either building societies or banks that fail the FSCS will contact them. According to the FSCS …

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One of life’s great pleasures is spending hours filling in your tax return.

Well there must be someone out there who actually enjoys filling in every detail of their finances in return for maybe having to send some money over in tax due, but for the rest of us, it is a necessary chore that you just want to get over and done with as quickly as possible.
The fact that now well over 80% of American’s tax returns are now e-filed every year is not just positive proof that we live in a digital age, but also testament to the fact that at …