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How to Rent with Bad Credit, Liens or Bankruptcy

It seems that our credit scores follow us everywhere these days. From employment evaluations to small loan approval processes, our credit is poked and prodded at by most people deciding whether or not they wish to do business with us. This makes it so vital that people maintain a solid credit score and a financially solvent reputation.
Even when renting an apartment or home, your credit score may be checked. There are many landlords who refuse to rent to people whose credit scores are poor or fair at best, believing they …

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3 Things You should Do In Your 20s To Safeguard Your Financial Future

Your 20s are not just about exploring the world and having fun. They are a decade when you can lay down the foundations of a solid financial future for you and your family. If you make some wise financial decisions and investments in your 20s you will reap the rewards in later life.
Get on the property ladder as soon as you can
Purchasing your own home is a rite of passage and something that many young people aspire to. It has the obvious advantages over rented accommodation. You can keep …

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Shopping for Your First Home – Tips You Can Use

Once you make the big decision to start shopping for your first home, excitement kicks in as do nerves and stress. While it’s perfectly normal to go through a range of emotions during the experience, it’s also important to keep your head clear so that you make a decision that makes sense both from an emotional and financial standpoint.
Here are some tips you can follow that are meant to make the shopping experience for your first home as smooth and straightforward as possible.
Figure Out What You Can Afford
For those just …

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Tips for Avoiding Debt

The average American owes $5,700 on a credit card. In isolation, this is not too bad, but when you tack on student loans, it soon becomes a frightening situation. The problem is that debt is growing. Interest rates are at an all-time low, and it has never been easier to borrow money.
The US economy is in recovery, and with a new president in the White House, many US citizens are feeling hopeful about the future. Unemployment has fallen in 10 states and remains stable in 36. Inflation is 2.2% right …

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Save Up For Your Dream House

If you think it’s that time in your life where you would like to buy your own house instead of renting one, there are many different ways you can speed up your saving in order to have what you need for a house deposit.
Here’s how you can do that.
Stop renting where you are
If you’re renting your own place now, then it isn’t going to leave you with a lot of spare money that you will need. If you think you could do without your space for the next year, consider …

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Professionals to Avail Tax Exemption on Half of their Annual Income

Your income tax liability could devastate your dreams and you end up paying a huge share of your annual income as tax. The problem is no more there to put additional stress on your shoulders, in case you are a freelancer, consultant, or professional. Taxes are no longer to be calculated on your gross annual income.
If you are earning below 50 Lakh annually, then u/s 44ADA of the Income Tax Act, you need to pay income tax on half of your gross annual earning as per the Presumptive Taxation Scheme. …

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Tips To Build Good Credit

If you’ve spent a long time trying to clear your bad credit, you’ll have a good idea of how long it might take to build up a good line of credit. It will take time, and you could easily fall into more debt if you’re not careful, but the results are worth the effort. A good credit score will help you get a good interest rate on your mortgage, loan repayments, and you can avoid security deposits on utilities. Here are a few suggestions to help you start building that …

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Credit Mistakes Young People Make

As you start out your independent life as a young adult, the feeling of freedom is overwhelming. You’re living on your own, earning your own money, and making your own decisions.
Now that you’ve got a paycheck coming in, you’ll have plenty of decisions to make–how much to spend, how much to borrow, and how much to save. It’s the borrowing that gets a lot of young people in trouble, to the point of triggering real financial hardship for some.
Many of those in dire financial straits seek legal help to improve …