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Top Tips for Personal Finance Budgeting

Most of us hate the idea of budgeting. We may feel guilty about how much we spend, or worry constantly about bills, debts and mortgages, but the idea of getting to grips with all the figures and organizing our finances can often seem like more trouble than it’s worth. After all, if you haven’t got enough money coming in, what difference does budgeting make?
While this attitude is understandable, it is way off base. No matter what your income level, taking control of your budget is absolutely crucial to your financial …

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Money Saving Tips for Travelling

For many people, a trip abroad is a treat that only comes once a year. This is why when we do we want to make sure that we are getting the best value for money possible.
Currency Conversion

When travelling, it is always good to have a little cash on hand. The thing about money is that it is also the prime target for thieves and pickpockets so you need to make sure that you are keeping it safe and getting some insurance does not hurt either.
The conversion rate is the most …

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Wedding Bells Ringing? Here’s Why Taking Out An Unsecured Personal Loan is a Brilliant Idea

Wedding Bells Ringing? Here’s why taking out an unsecured personal loan is a brilliant idea
Weddings are perhaps the most cherished and valuable occasions in most of our lives! They’re special occasions indeed, reaffirming the importance of what made us and eventually shaped us – the Family. Emotions run high, thick, and fast, and are generally uncontrollable. Families often find themselves engulfed in a web of sentiments and excitement in the run up to the ceremony, with each member facing an unprecedented thought rush accentuated by intense emotion. As much as …

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4 Ways to Maximize Your Commute to Achieve Success

Time isn’t the only cost of which we should be aware during long commutes to and from work. Over time, driving can begin to affect our mental and physical health, as well as impact how we form and maintain personal relationships. And that seemingly can affect just about everyone.
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, roughly 25 million Americans spend more than 90 minutes of their day getting to and from work. But among this cohort, the most successful may actually view their daily commute as an opportunity.
Indeed, people who are …

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Tips For Safe Online Shopping

Online shopping is becoming more popular by the day. It is more convenient, you get spoilt for choice and you can get a good bargain every now and then. Online shopping is however always rosy. You are always at risk of malware or phishing attacks. This does not however mean you have to take that long walk to a physical shop. The situation is not entirely hopeless. You can still get whatever you need delivered to your doorstep, safely. These tips will help you avoid scammers while you’re doing your …

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The A+ Guide to Buying Energy Efficient Home Appliances

Recently I came across this comprehensive money saving guide which can help you to save costs should an appliance break down unexpectedly.
Yet when it comes to buying your first home appliance, or replacing one, it’s worth taking the time to consider your options. The cost of running your fridge-freezer, tumble dryer or TV may not often cross your mind but powering these devises can make up a significant percentage of your bills.
By choosing more energy-efficient home appliances, you can:

Reduce running costs
Save money on your power bill
Use less energy for the …

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Steps To Save Money To Buy A New Home

Owing a house is indeed a blessing. Several people live in the rented house as they can’t afford to buy the one. Well, for most of the people budget is the complexthing that makes them think twice whether they should buya home or not. No doubt, it takes courage when one comes to the decision ofbuyinga home, but still, this decision takes up spacein mind in the form of tension.
Did you know you can get a new home without breaking your bank balance? If you are planning to buy a …

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Get covered Before you hit the road: Top 6 Insurance Tips for Car Buyers

According to Canadian Living, “There are more than 100 insurance companies in Canada competing for your business. Some do not write coverage in every province, and regulations vary from province-to-province.
But, as every Canadian knows, you must get covered before you hit the road. So, here is some timely advice.
Top 6 insurance tips for car buyers:

What insurance do you need? You need to at least meet the minimum requirements of the Province. But, the cost of meeting those requirements can depend on your vehicle choice.

So, while you may want a sports …