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How To Save Money With A Reliable Car

If you’re on the look-out for your next car, it’s certainly worthwhile coming up with a checklist of the most desirable attributes you would like your car to have. This process of vetting and creating a list that is sure to pick you a better car than you have previously owned, could really save you a lot of money in the long run. Buying a car in haste can land you in a tricky situation further down the line, so be sure to pick your car with confidence. When it …

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What is the Cheapest Transportation for Getting to Work?

So, you’ve finally gotten sick to death of driving your car to work. The traffic is mayhem, the fuel cost is astounding and the car itself is looking pretty beat up. Cars are great for their own reasons, but their also terrible for their own reasons. If you’re using one every day to travel long distances then you are more likely paying out of the nose for it. But, are there any cheaper options? Let’s find out:
Is public transport really cheaper?
We hear everyone telling us that getting the bus is …

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3 Surprisingly Lucrative Investment Opportunities

A smart investor can identify unique investment opportunities, whilst carefully balancing a financial risk against a reward. Every entrepreneur must research an investment before they sign a contract, as one mistake can cost a significant amount of money.
Every opportunity comes with risks, but there are some unique business ventures that are more secure than others. If you are looking for a secure investment, you should consider the following potentially lucrative opportunities.
Farming is an age-old industry that shows no signs of slowing down. Whilst most modern businesses are dependent on technologies, …

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5 Tools Millennials Are Using to Manage Their Money

Money management is essential for anyone who wants to take a mindful approach to spending and saving. Although past generations used brick-and-mortar banks and accounting offices, millennials are swiftly turning to tech-based solutions for their financial needs. These innovative tools streamline everything from tracking money to making investments in a fresh new way.
Flexible Personal Loans
Millennials have realized that you don’t have to turn to a bank to secure a loan. The internet offers a wealth of nontraditional lending opportunities that can provide cash to those who otherwise might not be …

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Your Property & Cost of Living Assessment

The end of the year is upon us and this often conjures up the idea of assessment. Many of us want to look back at our past year knowing that we have accomplished something and that we are in a better place this year than we were then. Whether you hit some major milestones this year or not looking back, assessing, and then planning what your next moves will be for the new year is necessary if you want to keep moving forward. If you live in the UK, you …

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Are Company Cars Really That Good?

When you first get offered a company car, you may begin to see this as a huge bonus. However, company cars aren’t always the great option that they seem on paper, so it is always important to evaluate everything before you agree to it. However, not all companies are the same, and because of this, you may find that your company is offering you a fantastic company car which will really benefit your needs and daily life. We’ve put together a list of the benefits and drawbacks of a company …

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Innovations in Medicine that Save Us Billions Each Year

While you are probably tempted to think of all kinds of technology that is useful in early diagnostics and treatments for diseases that were previously untreatable, or at the very best hard to treat, that isn’t the best news of all. Actually, while pre-screenings and early diagnostics do make finding and treating certain cancers much easier, thus saving countless lives and making treatment shorter lived and cheaper, those innovations pale in comparison to the number of vaccines that have been developed.
Prevention and Eradication of Countless Diseases
Now there are vaccines that, …

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The Hallmarks of a Successful Young Entrepreneur

Being a successful entrepreneur isn’t easy—especially if you’re still in your 20s. Though there are successful figureheads to look up to such as Mark Zuckerberg, the chances of anyone becoming as wealthy as him at his age is extremely unlikely or else everyone would be rich.
Gathering success takes a mix of brains and luck. It’s not weighed to one side either. Someone with incredibly good luck can stumble upon an idea and build on that as their success, whereas someone with the brains to become successful can do so with …