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How to Take Control of Your Finances

There are many situations when you will have to deal with financial issues. In fact, these issues can be so problematic to the point where there can be a lot of situations where you can easily lose your mind. You may not know what to do at that point, but there is no reason to panic. There are many ways you can handle your finances and come back from a bad financial situation. With that in mind, this is the perfect way to start financial planning in your 20s.
Opt for …

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4 Debt Consolidation Beginner Mistakes

Everyone, in the end, decides that consolidating their debts is the only option after the persistent hostile collection calls and a mounting stack of credit card statements.
So, debt consolidation feels like a huge relief since you stop trying to stay on the top of several creditors, thus you aren’t skipping the deadlines and risking to steep interest rates compounding.
However, debt consolidation is the first step in getting your assets under control and getting out your debt. You have other major steps to make so you become debt-free. You need to …

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A Guide for Loans with a Guarantor

Have you been asked to be a guarantor for a loan? Here’s all the information you need to know about loans with a guarantor.
What is a Guarantor?
Signing on the dotted line can be a stressful ordeal in any situation. Whether it be for the lease of a house, a mortgage or the lease of an item, a guarantor is often needed as a safety net for the lender, should the borrower be unable to repay a loan amount or any existing debts. This can take the form of a parent, …

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Deposit Decisions – How to Decide Which Term Deposit Is Right for You

The language of money can be very difficult to understand. We all love money-love to spend it, love to save it, and some even like to waste it, but to understand in the ins and outs of how money works you would have to take a financial course. Most of us, though, learn about money through personal experiences—good, bad and ugly ones.
All people learn that saving for a rainy day, a holiday, a house, a car or anything is the wisest step. While saving is good, saving with a purpose …

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How Much is Vampire Energy Costing You

Have you ever opened your electric bill expecting to see one number and finding something else entirely? While it may stem from overlooked appliance usage, the culprit behind it may actually a bit more subtle. Vampire energy. With other names including phantom power, the phantom load, and standby power, vampire energy is the term given to the energy lost when electronic devices are powered off, but left plugged in. At that point, they are not in use but still able to draw electricity. And as prominent as this problem is, …

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Medicare Supplemental Insurance Options: 10 Answers to the Most Commonly Asked Questions

When looking for Medicare supplemental insurance options (also known as Medigap), you probably have some questions. Fortunately, Medigap is easy to understand. In that case that you’d like to expand your knowledge, you’ve arrived at the right place. We’ll be discussing some of the most frequently asked questions in regard to Medigap.

What is covered under Medicare supplemental insurance?

There are ten different Medicare supplement insurance options (A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, and N). Each have different benefits and coverage amounts. Based on the latter, one supplemental …

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Uncovered is Risky: 5 Facts About Why Auto Insurance is Essential for Your Financial Safety

If you get to the end of the month and think about stretching your paycheck by skipping auto insurance, you’re taking a big risk. Have a quick read of some of the risks below, and you’ll see just how important it is.

It offers you protection in the event of an accident or a collision with another driver

Head over to sites like Aqeed.com, and you’ll see all manner of coverage options that you may think you can do without. The critical thing to remember here is that you’re protecting yourself …

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[5 Jul 2018 | Comments Off on Behind but not Broken: Tax Cases are Better Off in the Hands of an Attorney | ]
Behind but not Broken: Tax Cases are Better Off in the Hands of an Attorney

If you have ever gotten behind on your taxes, you understand how difficult it can be to make up what you owe. This does not mean that you are broken and at the mercy of the IRS to enforce their heavy-handed will upon you. We are about to examine five reasons why your tax cases are better off in the hands of an attorney so that you won’t be overcome by IRS threats.
Tax Attorneys Take Quick Action
What many individuals do is put-off or ignore letters from the IRS, which can …