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Deducing the vital financial tips for the twenty-somethings of the nation

As more and more students head back to different campuses within the country, they will now be making a lot of decisions like “What subjects should I take?” to the mundane “Where can I find the best bagels?” And among many decisions, one of them would also be “How many credit cards should I have?” Well, this is not a theoretical question as making the right choice while taking out credit cards can have a positive impact on the student’s finances in the years to come. That’s because a credit …

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Buying a Short Sale Home: Tips to Make the Process Flow Seamlessly

Buying a home on a short sale can be an exciting and unsettling time for you and your family. You want to get a good deal on the house, but that’s not always possible. At the same time, you need to be aware of the seller’s special needs and restrictions placed on him by the bank. Here’s how to make sure your next short sale goes off without a hitch.
Make Sure You’re Getting a Good Price
Getting a good deal in this market is a lot harder than it used to …

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What Is A Secured Debt Loan

When you are interested in getting a loan you might be overwhelmed by the many different kinds of loans that are being offered.  The loan industry is growing in leaps and bounds everyday and getting more confusing by the minute.  One of the most common types of loans that are available in today’s market is a secured debt loan.  This article will help to explain to you what a secured debt loan is and how you can obtain one of these loans.
What Is A Secured Debt Loan
A secured debt loan …

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When is the perfect time for a First-Time Home Buyer to Enter the Market?

Like any first-time home buyer, you’re probably overwhelmed at the very prospect of finding and actually procuring your first home. Purchasing a home could end up being the biggest investment you’ll ever make, so it’s crucial to take your time and consider plenty of options. Many factors come into play, but one that tends to weigh especially heavily on home buyers’ minds is the right time of year to buy. When it comes to having as many options as possible, choosing the right season for your search can certainly help …

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Savvy saving for young professionals

Whether you’ve just landed your first proper job or have been working away at your chosen career for a few years, making sure that you put a bit of money away at the end of each month is just as important in your twenties as at any other time in your life.
In fact, workers in their twenties have more to save for than most other demographics, with holidays, children, and property to plan for.
To help the UK understand exactly where their hard-earned cash is going, MYJAR have created a handy infographic showing Britain’s top ten saving goals with holidays coming in a firm …

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The ‘Cooling Off’ Period – What You Need to Know

So you’ve found the perfect property through a listing with a company like RealestateVIEW.com.au, and have signed on the dotted line. You’re looking for a good lawyer such as Mahons.com.au in Melbourne or Caputolawyers.com.au in Sydney, and then you’re told your cooling off period will be void if you seek advice from a lawyer. So what is a “cooling off period” and what are the rights of the purchaser?
Cooling Off period: The exclusions
Generally speaking, a purchaser of real estate in Victoria has three days to “cool off” before the contract …

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Five reasons why payday lenders provide a viable and worthwhile service

William John is an on- and offline financial buff and freelance journalist who produces editorials and advice articles for some of the UK’s most authoritative websites.   
The payday lenders have more vitriol spouted at them on a daily basis than most of us would be able to bear. In some instances of course this is completely justified, but there are some cases when it feels just a little bit disproportionate.
Payday lenders, as is the case with many businesses, appeared out of necessity. The banks led us on a path to economic …