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10 Ways to Save Money in the Kitchen

From grocery shopping to cleaning products, running a kitchen can put a serious drain on your finances. When it comes to providing healthy, nutritious meals in a clean and hygienic space, nobody wants to cut corners. However, there are a few tricks you can utilise to cut the costs without compromising on standards.

Buy in bulk – many kitchen staples are much cheaper when purchased in bulk. Keep an eye on expiry dates though, and be realistic about how much of a product you’re actually going to use. Use an eat …

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Ways to Save Money at Any Age

While everyone has heard the term a penny saved is a penny earned most of us never live by this phrase. There are however many ways that one can help save money that are not as difficult to live by as you may think. Not all tips are for everyone. Everyone places value on certain things more than others but if you look over some of these tips you may realize that you could try some of these out and be surprised with how much you could end up saving. …

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Finances in your 20s

            If you ask someone who is no longer in their 20’s what they would have changed about themselves financially while in this age bracket many would have done things differently. I am not referring to wishing they had picked the lottery numbers each week but with regards to saving their money for the future. On the flip side of this however I find the same people who are, for example in their 50s, doing very little more than they did in their 20’s to save for their future. The …

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The student’s money survival tips

Many people imagine that a student‘s life is all be about frugal living, pasta and beans. This is a huge misconception considering that students too have financial needs that need to be taken care of. As a parent whose children are headed for college, it would be myopic to think this and not plan for them. This article is a guide to how students can ensure that their financial muscle is managed in college.
Choose bank wisely
As a fresher in college, the first week is often a beehive of activity with …

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[26 Oct 2012 | Comments Off on Looking for Car Insurance Online is a Huge Advantage | ]
Looking for Car Insurance Online is a Huge Advantage

Shopping for auto insurance online is a huge advantage for both the insurance company and the customer. One thing that stands out in such transaction is the convenience of it all. With this very quality that defines how online services are all about, both the insurance company and the customer are in a win-win situation.

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Newbie Professional Money Tips

A few money tips for living a downtown lifestyle. Start by budgeting and keeping your finances in order. Don’t get caught up in what the rest of the city spends their money on.

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What to Budget for After College

During college, many students are insulated from financial distress by the support of their families and financial aid. However, upon graduation, most college graduates are expected to be able to provide for themselves financially.