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Can Telematics Help Me Save On Car Insurance?

The next big thing in car insurance is here and is already at work in the industry: Telematics. You may have seen references to a little “black box” in insurance commercials; Progressive is one company that comes to mind (“Flo” plugs it into the bottom of the steering column). That black box works constantly to monitor your driving habits and relays that information back to the insurance company; that’s telematics, a means of monitoring your car.
How Does it Work?
For insurance purposes, the box specifically tracks your speed, how many miles …

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[23 Jun 2014 | Comments Off on Modern Car Protection Plans | ]
Modern Car Protection Plans

Modern automobile insurance companies try to make life easier for customers. Thanks to professional websites, customers can manage their insurance policies online. For example, monthly bills can be set up to be paid on a recurring basis. At the same time, it is possible to make manual payments for each monthly premium. Customers can also select to prepay for auto insurance ahead of time and receive major discounts.
A full detailed overview of an auto insurance policy is available for viewing online. Customers can also access menus featuring frequently asked questions. …

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[30 Apr 2014 | Comments Off on Why You Need Health Insurance | ]
Why You Need Health Insurance

There are some obvious reasons to get health insurance, including covering medical costs in the event of a medical emergency. Having great coverage makes sense if you are someone who regularly goes to the doctor and needs help covering your medical bills. What about if you are a healthy young person who does not need to see a physician very often? Why do you still need to pay for health insurance? The first reason is that now it is mandated, so you will be paying whether or not you have …

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[13 Apr 2014 | Comments Off on Dog and Puppy Insurance Protection | ]
Dog and Puppy Insurance Protection

Minor injuries, illnesses, accidents, genetic and hereditary conditions, congenital conditions, emergency care or other serious and expensive chronic illnesses that require continuous treatment well into the pet’s old age are all reasons to have Healthy Paws lifetime coverage insurance for your beloved dog or puppy. That insurance will give you peace of mind about having the necessary funds when it becomes necessary to visit your licensed veterinarian, specialist or emergency animal hospital.
From the #1 customer-rated plan in “Pet Insurance Review”, you get to choose the affordable monthly premium, deductible co-pay, …

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[14 Nov 2013 | Comments Off on Contractors Insurance 101: What’s Covered And What’s Not | ]
Contractors Insurance 101: What’s Covered And What’s Not

Contractors insurance protects the contractor against being held liable for various things. Let’s take a look at specifically what this insurance covers and what it does not.
Things that are covered
1. Structural damage
Any structural damage that happens as a direct result of the contractor’s negligence or the negligence of one of his employees will be covered by this insurance. All of the property that was damaged will be replaced or repaired at the expense of the insurance company.
2. Bodily injury
If a contractor causes any bodily injuries during a project on …

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[23 Oct 2013 | Comments Off on Myths Debunked: Life Insurance and the Stay-at-Home Parent | ]
Myths Debunked: Life Insurance and the Stay-at-Home Parent

You stay at home and take care of the kids. Why do you need life insurance? It costs a lot of money, if you die, there’s no real income to replace, and your spouse pays all of the bills now already. What possible benefit is there to buying more insurance? You might be surprised.
Why Stay-At-Home Parents Need Life Insurance
Just because you stay at home, doesn’t mean you don’t need life insurance. On the contrary, staying at home is sort of like having a full-time job. If you’re not there, who …

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[28 Aug 2013 | Comments Off on So You Think Auto Insurance Is Expensive? Here’s The Cost Of Not Having It! | ]
So You Think Auto Insurance Is Expensive? Here’s The Cost Of Not Having It!

Many drivers bemoan the fact that they have to pay for auto insurance. While it may not be ideal to pay for something you may never use, and while there are affordable auto insurance options in the market, what are the costs of not having auto insurance? Let’s take a look at what expenses you could be facing if you were ever in an accident or caused damage with your vehicle while not carrying auto insurance.
1) You Will Pay For The Damage To Your Car
Your insurance company typically pays for …