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If you going to retire in the next 15 years think about modular house purchase

If you are thinking about retiring, you may also be thinking about moving. Perhaps it is time to downsize from the house you bought when you had several children at home. Or you simply want to get out of the town work pulled you to, but which never quite felt like home.

Retirement, in fact, brings more freedom in terms of where to live and what kind of house to buy. At the same time, you may need to be near younger relatives and many houses are not designed with aging …

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[17 Feb 2017 | Comments Off on Are You Ready For Your First Home? Ask Yourself These Crucial Questions | ]
Are You Ready For Your First Home? Ask Yourself These Crucial Questions

Many of us dream of owning our first home. Finally, a space to call our own, which we can decorate how we please, fill with every animal we’ve ever dreamed of, and which suits us perfectly. But not all of us are in the right place to take on such huge amounts of responsibility, as cool as it would be – it’s a huge commitment after all. If you’re keen on buying your first home, but you’re just not sure you’re ready, ask yourself these questions.
Can I afford the deposit …

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Investing for Beginners

Everyone knows that you need money to make money and if you have money then now is the time for you to make the most of it. Understandably the young generation right now might not feel qualified to enter the world of investment, but all you really need is a bit of guidance.
To put it in the most basic of basic turns, investing is simply a process of putting your money somewhere with the aim of getting more money back. This could involve either buying something or lending your money …

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[8 Feb 2017 | Comments Off on To Rent Or Buy? The Eternal Question | ]
To Rent Or Buy? The Eternal Question

To rent or to buy? It is a question that every person in their twenties has had to answer at some point. Even if you’re a professional slacker that loves living at home, you know the pros and cons of renting or buying. It is part of growing up, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t get any easier the older you get. There are benefits and negatives to both, and they are almost impossible to separate. Alas, you will have to separate them at some stage. With that in mind, this post …

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[25 Jan 2017 | Comments Off on Common Real Estate Investment Mistakes Newbies Make | ]
Common Real Estate Investment Mistakes Newbies Make

In life, there are certain risks that, however we try to avoid them, seem to come walking back on our paths again. Only this time, when these risks make themselves known again, we really should be paying great attention to it. For instance, one of the most daunting of risks is an investment — particularly, real estate.
Just think about this for a second: On a whim you decided to put money on real property. There are prominent companies out there like Lendlease in Australia, who offer house and land packages …

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Property Investment Opportunities on the Rise

Expert city planners around the globe agree that the ultimate urban ecosystem blueprint provides: density and scale, a variety of uses, proximity to open space, public transport connectivity, cultural assets, a diverse community and a powerful local economy. It is not surprising then that Mayfair has recently reclaimed the crown from Knightsbridge as the number one residential spot in London.
Mayfair embodies the ideal urban environment, saturated with the highest quality characteristics of a global university town. Offering an even balance of residential, retail, and offices, the mix of land uses …

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[9 Jan 2017 | Comments Off on Your Property & Cost of Living Assessment | ]
Your Property & Cost of Living Assessment

The end of the year is upon us and this often conjures up the idea of assessment. Many of us want to look back at our past year knowing that we have accomplished something and that we are in a better place this year than we were then. Whether you hit some major milestones this year or not looking back, assessing, and then planning what your next moves will be for the new year is necessary if you want to keep moving forward. If you live in the UK, you …

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From Flatmate To Homeowner – How You Can Afford Your Own Home

If there is one thing that most of us struggle with these days, it is finding the cash to be able to buy our very own home. A few decades ago, buying your own house was very common for most twentysomethings. However, these days, rising property prices and stagnant wages mean that owning a home is becoming an impossibility.
However, all is not lost. There is still the chance to buy a house. You just need to set yourself up so that you are able to put yourself in a …