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Is It Too Early to Plan for Retirement? When is the Best Time to Start?

When you just finish college or university and get your first real job out in the workforce, retirement seems like a lifetime away. Likely you are more concerned about things like purchasing your first car, saving for your first home, and probably paying off your student debt. Those just starting out often think it’s too early to start saving for retirement, and that they have plenty of time to do so.
But what do the experts have to say? When is the best time to start planning and saving for your …

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[13 Feb 2017 | Comments Off on Is It Too Early To Prepare For Retirement? | ]
Is It Too Early To Prepare For Retirement?

With the average age of retirement being 63 and our life expectancy raising to just below 80 in the USA we are looking at around 17 years of life without work.  Which is just below a quarter of your life! Now consider that for the first 17 you probably won’t be earning and in fact well into your 20’s you could be in education.  YOu may have children to look after, grandchildren even?  Suddenly you might start to realise just how important saving for your retirement is!
So the question …

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[13 Jan 2016 | Comments Off on Seattle Luxury Real Estate on Mercer Island | ]
Seattle Luxury Real Estate on Mercer Island

For a warm, inviting neighborhood to purchase Seattle luxury real estate in, consider Mercer Island. This peaceful suburb is located right on Lake Washington yet remains connected to Seattle and Bellevue by way of the Interstate 90 bridges. The island is roughly 5 miles long and about 1½ miles wide. This family-friendly community has the small-town feel but the charm of a big city. It’s perfect for those who want to raise a family but also stay connected with the fast-paced culture.
Seattle luxury real estate in Mercer Island is also …

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[19 Nov 2015 | Comments Off on Tips to Help You Plan Financially for Retirement | ]
Tips to Help You Plan Financially for Retirement

There are many situations where retirement just sort of happens. If you live long enough, you will reach a point where you leave your career, choose another less intense type of work or completely stop working for a living. In the past, companies would provide pension plans as part of their compensation packages, which allowed employees to receive a portion of their annual salary to live off of for the remainder of their lives. Additionally, Social Security benefits would be enough to cover the cost of living, which meant that …

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[3 Sep 2015 | Comments Off on Retirement Dreams: All About Relocating to Canada | ]
Retirement Dreams: All About Relocating to Canada

There are many similarities when comparing Canada with the U.S, so when it comes to retirement options, the fact that there are few cultural adjustments to make and no new language to learn, relocating to Canada could become an attractive proposition.
Plenty of people dream of retiring in the Great White North and regularly search homes for sale to see if they find a property they could move to as part of their retirement plans to relocate to Canada.
Plenty of appeal
Canada offers a tempting combination of some spectacular landscapes and affordable …

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[26 Aug 2015 | Comments Off on Loading Your Retirement Gun | ]
Loading Your Retirement Gun

Retirement is a scary thought. The closer you get to that time in your life when you are just too old to work, the scarier it gets. It can come to a point where you have panic attacks in the office when you think about what you want to do afterwards. If you are thinking about planning your retirement in such a way that you are always ready for it, there are a few tips you can look into. These will help you feel much better about the future, when …

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[27 May 2015 | Comments Off on The Ultimate Guide to Planning for Retirement | ]
The Ultimate Guide to Planning for Retirement

Although some of us love our jobs, practically everyone spends their working days fantasising about retirement. You won’t need to work anymore, and you can do what you want with the rest of your life. But the reality of retirement could be very different from how you imagine it. Apart from possibly finding yourself with nothing to do, you might also realise that you don’t have enough money as you had hoped. Some people reach retirement age only to realise that they can’t afford to retire. Or that they’re going …

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[3 Dec 2014 | Comments Off on Pensions: What We Need And Why We Need Them | ]
Pensions: What We Need And Why We Need Them

With the job market fluctuating and the cost of living sky high, the thought of making provisions for a retirement that is still forty years away can seem ridiculous. The reality is that people are living longer now. We can expect to be active and healthy well into our twilight years. Making provisions for them now, so that we don’t have to work later, is as essential as it is sensible.
What Are Pensions?
A pension is a regular payment that you, and often your employer, make into a fund for your …