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[13 May 2014 | Comments Off on Preparing for your retirement | ]
Preparing for your retirement

While most readers of this blog are generally young, there are some older readers and whether you are due to retire imminently or still have plenty of time left in the ‘rat race’, now is a good time to start thinking about how to prepare yourself. After all, with finances to be put in place and a whole new lifestyle to consider, there is no time like the present.
The chances are that you will have been saving for retirement for some time now or will at least have some idea …

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Take Your Savings to the Next Level

Most people know the importance of saving. However, few people take the necessary steps to jumpstart their savings account. They may deposit a little money here and there, but at this rate, it can take years to grow a decent financial cushion.
Some people don’t think about saving their money until they’re well in their 30s. However, younger adults typically have fewer financial obligations, thus it is easier for them to save money. Maybe you’re in your late teens or early 20s. Maybe you just recently started a family. Putting your …

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Will I be affected by the pension reform?

While young people generally don’t consider pensions, many wish they would have look at them when they were in this age group.
The proposed state pension reforms have been the talk of the town for some time now, but for many people they’re still much too confusing.
Pensions can seem baffling at the best of times, so overhauling the entire system is bound to leave many people feeling out of their depth. The one certainty to come out of the reforms though is that the self-employed will be better off for it.
How …

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4 reasons why people ignore pension saving in their 20’s

For many of us, retirement will seem a long way off. So far in fact, that we don’t even want to think about it. This mindset of deferring any consideration for how we will live in retirement will be most prevalent for those in their 20’s. However, whilst retirement income planning may seem like a distant, and lets face it, rather dull topic to be thinking about, it is hugely important if we are to enjoy a decent standard of living in retirement. Of course, a decent standard of living in retirement must …

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Planning for Retirement in Your 20’s

For a higher quality of life in your retirement you need to save some money. You cannot solely depend on your government pension plan or social security. So, you need to have a proper plan to save for your retirement. To prepare a plan first you must know how much is required to live to a higher standard during your retirement.

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5 Warning Signs for Your Investments

5 Warning Signs That You Don’t Know What You’re Doing With Your Investments
For those looking retirement dead in the eye, an investment mistake or two can be quite lethal. However, for those whose retirement is rather far off in the future, making an investment mistake here or there doesn’t have to be the end of one’s financial world.
That being said, those in their 20’s and 30’s should not take a haphazard approach to investing. Just as an employer is apt today to use a background check to make sure they …

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Challenging Consensus Opinions On Health, Retirement, Income, And More

I’m reading Timothy Ferriss’ latest book, The Four Hour Body.  I don’t really have a special desire to read a book on health, nutrition or exercise, but I like Ferriss’ style and unique ideas on subjects.  I read his first book Four Hour Work Week and I liked it – not because I liked everything in it, but because I liked the way he challenged consensus views on a number of subjects like finances, retirement, careers, entrepreneurship, etc.  While lots of it might be irrelevant, it is interesting because it …

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Demographics, Social Security & Politics

I heard some interesting insight into social security today that I’d pass along to the readers here. First, let’s start with demographics – demographics are crucial to anything finance or political. When it comes to life expectancy, the demographics show the following with regards to men and women, both black and white: