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Post-college Finances: Where to Next?

Finishing college can feel like a huge relief, but at the same time, it’s frightening. On the one hand, you can start earning some proper money. On the other, there’s always the worry you won’t find a job, and you now have a lot of debt. Assuming you are able to find a job, it won’t make your money worries go away. You have to pay for college, plus fund your postgraduate lifestyle. The best way to get your finances in order is to start dealing with them right away. …

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[28 Mar 2016 | Comments Off on How To Be a Rockstar In Your Office | ]
How To Be a Rockstar In Your Office

You’re the new girl (or guy) in your office, and are eager to make friends.  Having friends in the office is a sure fire way to enjoy your job, even on those days where you’re not enjoying your job. Having friends in the office also makes your job easier, people are more likely to help or suggest useful advice if you’re friendly with them. Here’s how to be a rockstar in your office

Suggest activities for the group – this doesn’t even mean you have to plan it, necessarily. Most groups …

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[16 Mar 2016 | Comments Off on Necessary Doctors for Millennials | ]
Necessary Doctors for Millennials

As we grow up and move out of our parent’s house, graduate from college, we have a slew of new things to worry about.  From the very important personal finance, to figuring out how to make our own doctor’s appointment for the first time, since mom used to always just do it for us. There are a lot of new things to take care of.  Working in health care as a millennial, I can say that saving money to buy my first house is very important to me, but also …

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[15 Jan 2016 | Comments Off on 3 Industries you should consider as a Graduate | ]
3 Industries you should consider as a Graduate

Have you ever dreamed of being a wealthy professional or entrepreneur in the future? If so, it is easy to become preoccupied with the trappings of wealth and fortune, such as the ability to hire a private jet when travelling or a luxurious mansion that you can call home. This can cause you to lose sight of your short and near-term goals, and the pivotal steps that enable you to build a career and establish wealth. This process should start when you are a student, as you initially look to …

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[27 Nov 2015 | Comments Off on Things to consider when going back to Study | ]
Things to consider when going back to Study

Ever since the dark days of the great recession in 2008, the unemployment rate in the UK has fallen at a gradual but consistent rate. This journey came to a conclusion recently, when the rate of unemployment in the UK sank to a seven-year low of 5.3% during the third financial quarter. This represented the lower rate since April 2008 (according to the Office for National Statistics), and underlined the range of opportunities that exist for job seekers in the modern age.
Studying to improve your job prospects: 3 Tips to …

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[27 Jul 2015 | Comments Off on Social Media & Blogs Are Great Ways to Evaluate Educational Programs | ]
Social Media & Blogs Are Great Ways to Evaluate Educational Programs

As the quest for self-improvement goes, using the internet to help compliment educational programs is a great place to start. Numerous programs and seminars are available online that can help anyone achieve their dreams and goals. Online trading and investing is something that some people do to help conquer their goals and others use it to facilitate a part-time income. However, finding online trading academy reviews can be something of chore. Luckily, different social media accounts and blogs exist to help anyone looking to evaluate the benefits of a program …

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[23 Apr 2015 | Comments Off on 4 Degrees with Profitable Career Opportunities | ]
4 Degrees with Profitable Career Opportunities

In these difficult times, the financial aspect of our life seems to be more and more important. Money is the support for everything else and this is the reason for which many people try to follow careers that are the most profitable. In our childhood years, we have big dreams of being actors, astronauts or scientists, but priorities change as we grow up. It can be difficult to make a choice from the multitude of available careers, but these are 4 degrees with profitable career opportunities that you could choose …

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[6 Sep 2014 | Comments Off on Getting What You Want in Life is Simpler than You Think | ]
Getting What You Want in Life is Simpler than You Think

Close your eyes and imagine your ideal life. Now open them and look around at the life you lead now. Odds are, there is quite a discrepancy between the life you would like to live and the one you are actually living. Most people just accept that real life is different from the lives they dream of and plod on until it’s time for retirement. Some people refuse to settle, though, and grab the chance to live out their dreams. You may even know someone who grew up under the …