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I updated my Major Trends investing page and would encourage you to have a read.  You can view it here.  In it, I discuss the major multi-year trends that I’m watching and which guide most of my investing.

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I’ve been reading some technical and highly detailed research on what to expect in the future regarding the economy, stocks and gold.  I’m still digesting this but am looking forward to de-briefing my readers here on what I’m thinking lies ahead.  The findings are pretty amazing to say the least.  We’re living in interesting times indeed.  More to come soon…

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The rise in silver in recent months is huge to say the least.  The last six months have been very rewarding for silver investors as the price of the ounce of silver has more than doubled.  If you look at a chart, it looks somewhat parabolic which always makes me nervous.  I don’t exactly think that silver is necessarily over, but the short term rise makes me somewhat nervous.  If you have some paper silver gains such as SLV, I’d consider selling it and putting that cash into something like …

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Ben Bernanke is doing a press conference this week.  It’s the first time he’s ever done it.  It will be in coordination with the Fed’s two day meeting.  The question is why is he doing a presser?  Make no mistake, nothing is random here.  Could it be that the Fed expects it will need to defend its actions more thoroughly in the future?  This doesn’t seem far-fetched.  If this is indeed the case, I think it means higher inflation and more rhetoric to “ignore” the inflation and defend the inflationary …

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Same story. Dollar down. Stocks, metals, oil are up. Gotta love the Ben Bernanke “wealth effect.” What is the level of gas prices that will wake up the masses to the Fed policies? $6/gallon gas? Yes, this is called INFLATION. We’ve been predicting it for several years now, and this is what it looks like. In fact, to get more specific, we have STAGFLATION with rising prices yet stagnant wages. Yes, that is just a wonderful recipe for prosperity.

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[13 Apr 2011 | Comments Off on Obama Wants To Cut $4 Trillion In 12 Years | ]

Obama wants to cut $4 trillion over 12 years.  Won’t Obama be adding approximately $4 trillion between NOW and when he will start his second term (assuming he wins)?  So, we’ll add $4 trillion in debt then take another ten years to get rid of it.  Meanwhile, adding debt the entire time while we remove that $4 trillion.  Oh yeah, and Congress can’t agree to even $50 billion in cuts.  Ah, yes, I’m very positive on the US fiscal situation.  If it weren’t so important, it’d be hilarious.

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Gold and silver skyrocketed today with the price of silver nearing the $40/oz level. This isn’t surprising if you’ve been following the Fed policies in the recent future. Depending on what happens next with QE, we may have a ways to go. I don’t know about you, but my faith in the politicians to not pursue the “easy” policies of inflation is essentially nonexistent.