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Make Money Online Step #4: SEO And Analytics

22 July 2008 One Comment

Continuing the series of how to make money online, we have already discussed launching a web site, driving traffic to the web site, and monetizing the traffic to make money online. Today, we will take a look at how to maximize the results of the amassing more and more content in your blog.

The beauty of when you reach a level of a 100, 200, 300 posts and up is that the content stays in your blog indefinitely. The more you write, the more content you have to be linked to, indexed by search engine, etc. As you build your content base, there are several things to keep in mind in order to maximize the results that come from having a mass quantity of quality content.

Search Engine Optimization

As your traffic matures, you should begin to get a higher percentage of your traffic from organic search results. This is a good thing because it results in new visitors. Hopefully, some of these new visitors will decide they like your blog, subscribe to your feed, or become consistent readers.

In order to drive visitors from search results, you need to perform some basic SEO. As much content is out there regarding SEO, it is actually extremely simple if you have a WordPress blog. You can accomplish all you want using an the SEO All In One WordPress plugin. After installing the plugin, you will be able to modify the title, meta description, and meta keywords for each post. The key is to maximize these fields with the right keywords.

Find The Best Keywords For Each Article

Use a tool such as Word Tracker to find good keyword phrases for the content of your article/post. Try to find some three or four word keyword phrases that have between 100-200 daily searches. Don’t choose phrases that have thousands of daily searches because you will be competing against too many other web sites for those searches.

Put the best keywords into your meta keyword fields. Also, try to fit the best keyword into your title. Lastly, make sure you have the keywords in the actual content of the post, but be sure not to ruin the readability by overdoing it. Remember, you need quality content that is optimized for search.

Analyze Your Traffic

Hopefully, as you continue to build your content that is optimized for search engines, you will start to see an increase in the traffic coming from search engines. Setup Google Analytics for your site so you can monitor all aspects of your traffic. Google’s free tool is amazing and is definitely the best free option for your analysis.

Pay close attention to the different traffic sources going into your site. Look how each source differs with regards to how long they stay on the site, bounce rate, and number of pages viewed per visit. Traffic from social media sites like StumbleUpon will probably have a higher bounce rate and lower time on the site than traffic driven from search engines. You will have hard data to support why you want a shift towards more search engine traffic over the long term.

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