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When It Becomes Appropriate To Simply Quit Thinking About Things And Just Work

21 October 2008 5 Comments

I have been completely obsessed with too many things recently. I try to determine the direction of our stock market in the short term and long term. I try to figure out the direction of our country. I try to find new business ideas so that I can build up a huge business from scratch. I try to find new ways to do my work and make my company better. I stay up at night thinking about this crap. I stare off into space thinking about it instead of listening to the person across the table from me during a meal. It’s time for me to relax.

The World Is Going To Take A Certain Direction Independent Of Me

No matter what I say or do, the inertia of our society, our country, our world will move it forward in the direction it is heading. I can’t stop it and I can’t really alter its course. Obsessing over whether we’re heading towards hyperinflation or a severe recession and trying to position myself accordingly is probably a waste of time. We’re probably headed towards neither.

Taking Control Of What I Can Take Control Of

There are way too many things out there I can’t control. For example, who is elected president in a few weeks or what Apple’s earnings and guidance will look like in a few hours. What I can control is how productive I am during business hours. How hard do I work? How productive am I?

It’s time to stop thinking so much and put my head down and get more work done, more efficiently.

I’m 26 years old. I am going to bust my butt at my job, at being a good family man, at living a disciplined life and at my other pursuits such as this blog. When I’m 30, the things I work hard at will bear fruit. The stock market may or may not go up by then. Our country may become socialist or it may start the next capitalist driven run of prosperity. Who knows? I’m sure I’ll have plenty to say during the ride.


  • Chris said:

    Good post, I am feeling the same way

  • Doctor S said:

    Totally agree. I too waste a great amount of time and energy on things in life that I can not control. There are days I just beat myself to death and I just find myself ignoring stuff I need to get done at work. I am in the same boat and definitely trying to control handle on myself form that standpoint. Like I said, great post because there tons of people who are just like me and you!

  • Albin said:

    I’m 38 and also went through six months of sleepless nights thinking about all the things you mention. Add on the fact that my current work contract ends at the end of December, so I may be searching for a new one in this economy.

    I’m sleeping now thanks to melatonin pills and meditation. But the worries are still there.

    I’ve been buying silver and gold as a hedge against the economy blowing up, been dipping into equities (PM, the beaten-down ESLR, and some small biotechs) .. otherwise, I’m mostly in cash.

    As a country we need to wake up and start getting involved in our politics and freedoms once again, because they are slowly being taken away from us by the government and the federal reserve. If you’ve not seen it – watch “The Money Masters” on Google Video.

    IMO, the worst thing you can do is stop thinking, caring, worrying. Just don’t worry too much.

    Live in the moment, care about the future. We’re leaving a disaster for our children.

  • kevin duffey said:

    Couldn’t agree more Albin. Thanks for your comments. Gold and silver might be a buy considering many people think our only way out of this mess is hyperinflation. Nasty.

    Good luck with your job. What industry are you in?

  • Max Bottaro said:

    I like this ideology. I stopped giving a shit about that stuff a long time ago. That’s why I don’t vote: it just doesn’t matter. It’s sad but true.