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My Make Money From Examiner.com Experiment

30 August 2009 9 Comments

In order to potentially provide a boost to my online income, I have picked up the gig as a freelance writer over at examiner.com under the Internet Business topic.  I have read conflicting reports about the income potential of writing for examiner.com, so I decided to give it a whirl myself.

The Experiment

I have decided to do a “blitz” of content creation for my Examiner account in order to get a real feel for what kind of revenue I could generate.  My plan is to generate 20 posts a week for 5 weeks (100 posts in 5 weeks).  I am tracking the daily revenue as I move towards this goal.

Currently, I’m just a few days in, but the results so far are fairly encouraging.  Although it is still much too early to tell, if the daily revenue continues to grow at the current pace, the income will be well worth it at the end of this experiment.

The main questions I have are:

  • How dependent is my income from Examiner.com on continuous posting?  Or, put another way, if I create 100 posts, then quit writing, will the income level be sustained?
  • After completing my “blitz” experiment, could I dial down my effort significantly (say only 3-4 articles per week instead of 20) and still make good money?

As answers become clearer, I will communicate them to my readers here at 20smoney.com.

My Examiner Content So Far

My topic is Internet Business.  I discuss blogging, small business web strategies and more.  If you are looking to make money online whether individually or for your business, you may consider checking out some of my articles.

Here is a sample of some of my internet business articles:

Start Earning Money From Examiner.com

If you are interested in earning some extra cash by becoming a freelance writer at Examiner.com, they are currently looking for new writers.  If you join, please use my referral code: 21637

Click here to read the update on this post including detailed income numbers


  • Paula Neal Mooney said:

    Hey Kevin – Thanks for the comment and emails.

    It’ll be good to see how money much your Examiner.com blitz of articles makes you — and more fascinating if you post up actual numbers. (I haven’t dug thru your archives to see if you already do, but those posts bring me traffic.)

    Anyway, since I’m the Cleveland Pop Culture Examiner and I’ll be writing mostly about celebrity stuff — and you’re the making money online guy of sorts, if you need inspiration for your blitz, I’ll tell you that my string of articles uncovering scammers using Google’s name to make money lately has really brought my website traffic — so if you cover some of these topics in Google News, look out! You’ll probably get mucho deneros for your blitz of 100 articles:


  • Kevin said:


    I will post actual numbers including income from each day. I’m aiming to do a weekly update post, so my first one will be up in a few days. It will be interesting to see how the revenue increases with the number of posts I have.

    I’m hoping to build a base of articles that will draw continuous traffic (as opposed to taking advantage of Google news trends), but that might not be very lucrative. Either way, we’ll find out.

    Look forward to seeing how you do as well!

  • hypotheekrente said:

    Any updates available yet?

  • hypotheekrente said:

    Thank you for responding yourself. Your results and conclusion are a bit what I expected from the service. I think if you want this to be profitable you really have to focus on examiner and working for long term results.

  • jtrader said:

    Hi Kevin
    I read your report on Examiner.
    It was very helpfull and answered questions I myself have.
    I have bookmarked your site!

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