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I Want A Second Income!

2 September 2009 3 Comments

I have a lot of goals.  I want to progress my career.  I want to beat the S&P with my personal portfolio.  I want to find a cash flowing piece of real estate.  There is one goal that supercedes each of these: I want a second income!  Something decent.  Something in the range of $500-$1500 a month.  The more passive, the better.

Because of this goal, I am putting a great deal of effort into this blog and a handful of other online ventures.  The hope is that the combination will be an increasing residual income from online content and resources.   I have been doing other things that have brought in several hundred dollars in side income in just the last month, but much of them have been one-time gains.  Residual / passive income is the goal here.

Now, a blog is a great deal of work, and to continue to bring in revenue from it, it will always take work.  But, there is a way to decrease the level of work at a more mature stage in the lifecycle of the blog.  For now, I continue to work hard at it, hoping to increase the traffic and monetization.

Approaches I’m Looking Into

In order to grow my blog, my online brand and my presence on the internet, I’m currently looking into a few potential freelance writing gigs.  These opportunities might let me earn some extra money and also provide some traffic to my main blog, 20smoney.com.  To read more about my freelance writing gig, check out my Examiner experiment.

Secondly, I’m also looking to establish better relationships with some other bloggers in the hope that it will also get the name of 20smoney.com out on the blogosphere, specifically in the finance/investing arena.  I continue to believe that I have something unique to offer, something of value to individuals in their 20s.  I believe you can be both very aggressive and very responsible when it comes to building wealth.  I will continue to push this message to all of my readers and visitors.

I will continue to document my progress with this blog and my other potential income streams.  I hope you will frequent this blog and monitor my progress in the hope that it will help you build a second income stream.

Do You Want A Second Income?

  1. Do you blog?
  2. Have you started a non-blog website?
  3. What else do you do on the side from your main job to make money?


  • Living Off Dividends said:

    have you thought about starting a side business? many people make the mistake of quitting their job to start a business, but the easiest transition is starting a business on the side – if it fails, you still have your old job.

  • Kevin said:

    Oh yeah, i’m not quitting my job. I have a few side businesses I’m working on. Definitely takes time and lots of work to develop.