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Story: Young Americans Looking To China For Jobs

21 September 2009 2 Comments

The Huffington Post has an article out regarding the trend of young Americans looking for work in China.  This is an example of a trend I am a firm believer in; namely that China will be the land of opportunity both in the present and in the future, much more so than America.

There are many reasons for this but they can be summed up by the statement that China is much more pro-growth than America.  Whether it is tax policy, government regulation or targeted stimulus money, China’s communist government seems much more dedicated to economic growth than our “capitalist” system.

For individuals looking to work hard and be rewarded for their effort, China seems like a great opportunity.  If I were single without a family, I would definitely consider such an opportunity.

It will be interesting to watch how this story unfolds over the coming years.  You can be assured that I will continue to write about the China story here at 20smoney.com.

Update: USA Today also has an article out regarding the talent leaving the USA to work elsewhere.  Very interesting stuff here.  Like I said in a previous article, talent and capital will naturally go to where it is friendly.  Sadly, USA isn’t that place anymore.


  • Yomi said:

    I am from Fujian of China. If I can get passport visa to USA easily, i will go to USA as an opportunity.
    Just because i want to travel or work around. It doesnt matter with countries.

  • Yomi said:

    "talent and capital will naturally go to where it is friendly. " i dont think so.
    for example, if I can go to USA easily, i will go doubtless.
    it doesnt matter with countries.