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The Ugly Jobs Scenario From A Ground Level View

14 October 2009 No Comment

While government numbers and economic data tell us that unemployment is by no means in a good situation, economic analysts tell us that the economy is rebounding.  These views are in a stark contrast to what I continue to hear and see from the people I know and their real life experiences.  There is nothing that I trust more than what I see with my own two eyes.

What Do I See?

Simply put, the jobs market sucks.  I have friends in the financial sector, technology, construction, hospitality and others.  Many have lost their jobs and many are fearful of the inevitable job cuts that still are to come, hoping that they will make it through yet another round of lay offs.

While most of the people I know do have jobs, these people are all young, energetic, smart workers that have degrees.  This definitely helps as they are cheaper, quality employees for various companies.  However, incomes are down for all of them as business volume is down across the board.  Commissions or bonuses are almost non-existent.  This means that consumption and spending is going down big time even for those that are keeping their jobs.  I can definitely attest to many conversations with myself and friends on how to cut back, save money, be smart about our finances these days.  It’s a common discussion.

Moving Forward

I’m a firm believer that no matter how bad the economy is or no matter how socialist this country becomes, there will always be ways to make money.  Smart people with entrepreneurial attitudes and strong business skills will be able to make money and secure their financial future.  It is crucial for individuals like ourselves to always remember this.

By remembering this, we will stay focused on the future and the skills, experiences and connections that will be important in building that future.  If you’re employed or jobless, struggling or rolling in the dough, you need to continue to build towards your future by working on skills and making good contacts that will benefit you over the long term.

Futhermore, you need to maybe re-evaluate how you view income.  It may take multiple income streams in the future to achieve the lifestyle you’re looking for.  I think that we’ve experienced a shift where the 21st century worker will look way different than that of the last century. 

So, make sure you get or keep a job so that you can continue your cash flow.  Next, do an evaluation of where you are in achieving your long term goals.  Make sure you’re pursuing your short term focus (job) and your long term focus (financial security, owning your own business, etc.) at the same time!


The jobs market sucks and will probably suck for several years.  Don’t be discouraged about the lack of opportunity.  In this environment, there is no easy fast track to a higher position and more income.  It will take being smart, innovative, and hard working to achieve goals in this environment.  That is our focus here at 20smoney.com.  Keep reading our content as we pursue these goals together!

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