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Niall Ferguson Says Evidence Points To America’s Decline

20 October 2009 2 Comments

The following video was shown today on Yahoo’s Tech Ticker:

So, what’s the point in showing this video? Why do I try and convince people that America is in trouble? Is it because I’m against American power? Absolutely not. Instead, I’m trying to convince people that if America does not change her policies, we will be in trouble. We’re heading down a terrible path and we need to change course.

At a high level, this is what needs to happen for America to change course:

  1. Get our fiscal house in order – stop expensive bail outs, slash the size of government, reform entitlement programs (social security, medicare, etc.)
  2. Stop being the world’s police force – its unsustainable and unaffordable
  3. Become a nation that is pro-business again – slash taxation and regulation
  4. Emphasize saving and production versus spending and consumption
  5. Become energy independent – go after all domestic resources including oil
  6. Embrace the Constitution and get back to what made America great

Unfortunately, we’re going in the opposite direction of the most of the items listed above.


  • billy-bob said:

    Niall nails it. We are so F***D

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