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Monthly Blog & Online Income Update

1 November 2009 No Comment

This was a good month for me at 20smoney.com.  It was a month that brought some satisfaction which is both nice and necessary when it comes to operating a blog.  You can go months and months of hard work on a blog without any reward, so these months keep you going!

A Smile From Google

Thankfully, a lot of my hard work has paid off by a bump in my “Page Rank” from Search master, Google.  This might not mean much to anyone who doesn’t operate a website, but if you do, you are likely well aware of what page rank is.  Basically, this rank goes up when Google views your site in a more favorable light.

Why is it relevant?  One, more traffic arguably since Google will likely value your site more with various searches.  Two, more revenue for potential advertisers because they will pay mor emoney for higher ranked sites.

On the traffic front, I had a really, really good month.  Traffic noticeably grew during the duration of October.  Growth is all I care about, even if its slow.  If I can continue to grow this puppy, the money will also grow over time.

Online Income

I had another good month with over $300 in online income during October, mostly from private advertisements which continue to come in.  While Adsense followed up September with another decent month, I didn’t surpass my Adsense income from last month.  This is a continuous testing process.

Do you post any income reports on your blog?  Add a link to your October online income report in the comments section!

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