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Graduating In 2010? Tips To Make Sure You Have a Job When You Graduate

12 November 2009 One Comment

The transition from college student to employee is a tricky one. There are many emotions and challenges making this transition.  Having a job waiting for you when you graduate can relieve a ton of stress.  Follow these tips and make sure that you are in the minority that graduates college with a job waiting for you.

Tip #1 – Start Well Before You Graduate

Most students make the mistake of waiting until after they graduate from college to start the job hunt.  The best thing you can do is to start now, in the middle of your last year of college, to try and find a job.

As a college student, you have way more time then you will have as an employee.  Plus, you have much more flexibility.  Maximize your time that you have as a student to send out resumes and cover letters.

Lastly, most quality companies recruit students that are still students.  It’s hard to get into a company outside of their regular recruiting program, so if you miss their on-campus recruiting, you might be out of luck.  Remember, the quality students get hired prior to graduation; don’t be left out.

Tip #2 – Maximize On-Campus Career Resources

Many schools these days have career resource centers.  These centers provide career counseling along with a number of other services to help you start your career and find a job.  The best thing about these resources is that they are free.

Companies recruiting students from your campus will typically utilize the career center to coordinate interviews and information sessions.  Make sure you are in tune with what is going on.  I was hired in January (4 months before graduation) by Accenture during my Senior year of school.  They did on-campus recruiting through my career resource center.

Tip #3 – Give Yourself As Many Options As You Can

I strongly encourage you to apply to as many positions as possible.  The more interviewing you do, the better you get at it.  The more opportunities that you go for, the stronger you chances are of landing a job.

Applying to jobs takes time, especially if you customize your resume and cover letter for each position.  Start allocating enough time during your schedule to allow for this.  You will find it easier to get your applications out in greater numbers.

Tip #4 – Don’t Get Hung Up On Your Ideal Job

The most important thing you can do when starting your career is turn just get it started.  Don’t make the mistake of holding out for a specific job or type of company.  Just get in somewhere so that you can get a paycheck and you can learn some skills.  You will have way more opportunities open up to you as an employee working somewhere versus an unemployed college graduate working a part time gig trying to get by.  Your goal is to get a job.  Period.

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