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Interesting Reactions From People Looking For Work

17 November 2009 One Comment

I’ve put some ads on Craigslist looking for individuals looking to write posts for this blog.  It’s a part time gig that I’m willing to pay $10 per article.  Interestingly, I’ve received two emails from individuals looking for work as a freelance writer yelling at me for offering such a low rate.

Now, I’m not here to say that my rate is great.  It is fairly low and others pay more.  I realize that but due to the economics of running this blog, it’s the best that I can do.  It’s so funny that I’m the bad guy by offering to pay someone for a service!  Would it be a better service to society and the job market for me to not offer this type of work at all just to prevent the possibility of insulting some sophisticated freelancers?

Interestingly, I’ve had plenty of other individuals actually contact me wanting to write for $10 per post while the other individuals complain about it.

If you are interested or know someone who is, send me an email.  I’m warning you, I am looking for very high quality and I’m only going to pay $10 per post.  If that insults you, I’ll apologize in advance.

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