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A Growing Web Presence

19 December 2009 One Comment

It is a beautiful thing when a website or a blog hits its stride with regards to growth.  Specifically, blogs, when they get over the initial hurdle of launching, can begin to expand its tentacles through the blogosphere and the web as a whole.  These tentacles, in the form of links, send visitors and “search engine juice” to the growing blog.

In just the last few weeks, i’ve enjoyed seeing a few significant backlinks come online with regards to 20smoney.com.  While I won’t reveal all of them, here are a few:

Key backlinks such as these send over traffic each day and also provide high quality backlinks which help boost Page Rank and other search engine ranking indicators.

Growth in terms of a web presence is key to online income.  Without increasing traffic, search engine status and credibility in the blogosphere, online income will not grow.

As for a quick status update for December, traffic is coming in higher, advertising revenue is coming in slightly lower.  At this point, I’m willing to trade short term income for sustained traffic growth.  For full details, check out the upcoming December Blog update that will be published first thing next month.

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