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Important Reads – End of the Vancouver Olympics Edition

1 March 2010 No Comment

Well, the market had another big up day on a Monday.  Every Monday now it seems has huge gains in pre-market and then they tend to hold the gains.  So, be sure to buy every friday and sell into the Monday run-up (I’m kidding).  Anyways, on to the reads of today…

Ron Paul on the Fed’s bizarre spending habits (Zero Hedge)

Something very strange is happening with Treasuries (Seeking Alpha)

Market would be lost this year without mergers (Yahoo)

Is it wrong to hedge your company’s shares? (Darwin)

ABCNews closing physical bureaus – more evidence of the demise traditional media (LA Times)

Vancouver had the world’s attention over the last couple weeks with the Olympics.  Did the showcasing of this beautiful city make you want to visit?  It did for me!

Photo by Ecstaticist

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