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Important Reads For The Weekend While You Welcome National Health Care

20 March 2010 2 Comments

This weekend is potentially an historic weekend.  Whether or not it’s a good weekend depends on your stance.  To help you iron out your stance, check out the article from the other day on whether or not health care is a right.  Be sure to read the comments of the post.

On to the reads…

Jim Rogers says another recession is coming (SHTF) I think it’s debatable whether the first one is over!

Caterpiller (CAT) says that the health care bill will cost them $100 mil the first year (Business news)

Moody’s fear social unrest (Telegraph)

Palm, Inc (PALM) is in trouble (Reuters) I’ve been saying this for a while – see my most recent article here

Sorry for only a few this weekend, I’m very busy right now! Enjoy your weekend.  I’ll definitely be posting some post-health care vote commentary next week, so be sure to check it out.


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