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Reader Input Needed: Let’s Solve Our Problems

13 April 2010 7 Comments

We recently had a great writing contest here at 20smoney on writing financial plans (click here to see the results).  I’ve been brainstorming some ideas on another contest and thought I’d just announce some of my ideas and get some feedback.

The idea here is to discuss a range of major issues that I feel we are facing here in America (and other countries).  The leaders are influenced by special interests and self interests often more than common sense, so we’re going to look at some common sense approaches to some of our problems.

Problems That Need To Be Solved

1. High unemployment – How would you go about lowering unemployment? The current policies seem to issue debt or print money in order to prop up the economy and boost employment, but these have potential disastrous side effects.  Your solutions need to have minimal side effects, and should be mentioned in your solution.

2. Corrupt politics – Approval ratings for politicians on both parties are at record lows.  How would you suggest we get back to a sane situation where politicians are accountable to the people and get back to the Constitution?

3. Too Much Debt – We as a society have way too much debt, both at the individual level and the public level.  What would you implement in order to get American’s and America’s balance sheets back to a healthy state?

4. Education – Education in our country is getting worse and is getting more expensive.  What is the solution here?

Your Participation

How It Works

  1. Pick one of the above topics and write an article/essay/whatever
  2. You can submit multiple submissions (one for each topic) if you want and increase your odds of winning
  3. There is no minimum word count, although the more details the better
  4. The better submissions will be published
  5. Email your submission to kevin (at) 20smoney (dot) com or use the contact form


Last contest we did a $250 gift card for the winning submission and at this point, I’m thinking we’ll do the same.  If I get enough participation, maybe I’ll give away something cool like an iPad (I played with one today, they are awesome!).  I will update everyone on prizes as we go.


If you have a blog, you can include a link to your blog for a free back link 🙂


  • Caity said:

    What a great list of topics! When are the submissions due?

  • 20smoney said:

    Caity: I didn't put a deadline on it, but would like to receive them in the next week or two if possible. I will probably announce a deadline soon.

  • amateurfinancier said:

    Sounds like an excellent contest. Are you still accepting entries? (I have quite a few interesting thoughts dancing around in my head, particularly regarding education)

  • 20smoney said:

    Still accepting entries.


  • hyip said:

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