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Good Information For New Investors

16 April 2010 No Comment

Technical analysis is a complex subject and the value of it is definitely debatable.  Nevertheless, it is important to have some understanding of it in my opinion in order to become a successful investor or trader.  For all of you looking to improve your investing and trading skill set, I encourage you to read the following article.  This article does a great job on providing some high level technical analysis of the broad market that non-technical analysis people will be able to understand (i.e. most of you).  I encourage you to read it and learn a few things as I did.

One of the interesting things discussed is that the Nasdaq ETF (QQQQ) has had 42 days in a row above its 10 day moving average, the most since the ETF was created in 1999 (the previous record was 28 days).  Wow!

You can read the article here.

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