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Monthly Blog Update – April 2010

10 May 2010 5 Comments

I have been doing a monthly update on my blog progress and overall online income progress for several months now (as you can see below). The result is a good basis for my monthly numbers. You can really get a good feel for what this blog accomplishes each month by reading these reports.

This is an exciting month as you will see if you continue to read.  Online income is growing!

Traffic & Readership

I like to break my traffic down into three categories: visits, page views and eye ball time. Since page views per visit can depend on a look and feel and how a blog is organized, the eye ball time is probably the most accurate number when comparing blog to blog. Let’s look at each…

Total Visits

October 2009: 6,387 visits
November 2009: 6,996 visits
December 2009: 7,735 visits
January 2010: 12,354 visits
February 2010: 11,947 visits
March 2010: 13,208 visits
April 2010: 11,943 visits (9.6% increase)

Search Traffic

October 2009: 3,570 visits
November 2009: 4,075 visits
December 2009: 3,954 visits
January 2010: 5,922 visits
February 2010: 5,533 visits
March 2010: 6,710 visits
April 2010: 5,991 visits

Direct Traffic

October 2009: 1,245 visits
November 2009: 1,230 visits
December 2009: 1,738 visits
January 2010: 2,370 visits
February 2010: 2,035 visits
March 2010: 2,425 visits
April 2010: 2,319 visits

Referral Traffic

October 2009: 1,572 visits
November 2009: 1,691 visits
December 2009: 2,043 visits
January 2010: 4,060 visits
February 2010: 4,378 visits
March 2010: 4,071 visits
April 2010: 3,633 visits

Had a slight drop off in traffic this month.  Yes, we had one day less than in March, but overall the traffic fell slightly.  I’m not concerned unless this becomes a trend.

Page Views

October 2009: 19,155 total page views
November 2009: 20,500 total page views
December 2009: 23,418 total page views
January 2010: 36,023 total page views
February 2010: 33,725 total page views
March 2010: 36,776 total page views
April 2010: 32,670 total page views

Eye Ball Time

October 2009: 1:44 per visit = 664,248 total seconds = 184.51 hours
November 2009: 1:57 per visit = 818,532 total seconds = 227.37 hours
December 2009: 1:48 per visit = 835,380 total seconds = 232.05 hours
January 2010: 1:49 per visit = 1,346,586 total seconds = 374.05 hours
February 2010: 1:43 per visit = 1,230,541 total seconds = 341.82 hours
March 2010: 1:34 per visit = 1,241,552 total seconds = 344.88 hours
April 2010: 1:45 per visit = 1,254,015 total seconds = 348.34 hours

The length of visit went up so despite a slight drop in traffic, my overall eye ball time went up slightly.

Google Analytics is the source of all traffic data

Blog Income

Adsense Revenue

October 2009: $38.60
November 2009: $75.40
December 2009: $59.28
January 2010: $171.79
February 2010: $68.39
March 2010: $121.28 (3 Month Average: $120.46)
April 2010: $149.40 (3 Month Average: $113.02)

My three month average dipped slightly due to the disparity between Jan and Feb numbers, but I had another great month in April.  Three out of four months above the $100 is fantastic.  I expect to be above $100 each month moving forward.

Private Advertisements

November 2009: $285.00
December 2009: $90.00
January 2010: $90.00
February 2010: $290.00
March 2010: $435.00
April 2010: $910.00

Now to the exciting news.  My income for the blog has boomed this past month, where combining private deals with Adsense, I eclipsed the $1000 mark for the first time.

Furthermore, I brought in a few hundred bucks in freelancing (which is in part due to this blog).  I may start detailing these numbers in the future.

Overall Thoughts

Income jumped huge while traffic dropped slightly.  Frankly, a trade-off that I’m willing to accept.  Hopefully I can get the traffic trajectory back moving higher while maintaining the high income.  With the current level of income, the money generated per hour of work is way higher than earlier on in the process.  The pay off is starting to materialize, but I’m not done!

2010 Goals Progress

As I mentioned at the start of the year, I have the following goals for 20smoney.

  • Alexa ranking under 120,000 by the end of 2010 – Currently at 118,000
  • Google Pagerank of 5 by the end of 2010 – Update has occurred! 20smoney.com is now a PR 5.
  • 25,000 visits a month by the end of 2010 – I’m going to need another major leg up in order to hit this traffic level, which is definitely possible.
  • Averaging over $100 per month in Google Adsense income by the end of 2010 – 3 out of last 4 months – Done
  • Averaging over $400 per month in total blog income by the end of 2010 – Done
  • 1500 RSS subscribers by the end of 2010 – I got rid of my external email list which had been counted towards my RSS subscribers. This dropped about 300 from my numbers which sets me back on this goal. I’ll need to recover and add numbers quickly in order to hit the 1500 mark by end of year.


  • Drew Roberts said:

    Thanks for sharing. Congrats on the increase in revenue. Keep the good information coming and I think it will continue to increase for you.

  • Jenna said:

    Thanks so sharing your updates! Seems like you have a very exciting 2010 happening on your blog. Keep posting and I'm sure people will keep returning!

  • Stephan said:

    any idea why your traffic might have dropped last month?

  • 20smoney said:

    Most likely just fewer referrals from other sites which of course is dependent on the other sites' traffic. The traffic didn't really drop enough for me to be concerned. Month-to-month isn't that important, but overall trend over multiple months is more what I pay attention to. If the slide lower continues, I'll start to get concerned.

  • MoneyEnergy said:

    Congrats. Maybe you could post a bit more about the sorts of private advertising you do, and how you find those deals. Personally I've had more success with AdSense than direct advertising – you need to teach me a thing or two!:)