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It’s Impossible To Have Intelligent Conversations On Touchy Topics In America

21 May 2010 3 Comments

The firestorm over Rand Paul’s comments on the Civil Rights Act shines a ton of light into mainstream America, specifically the media and politics.  First, a bit about Paul.  He’s the Republican nominee for Senate in Kentucky.  He’s the son of Ron Paul (Texas congressman known for his libertarian, anti-Fed views.  In my view, Rand Paul is exactly what we need in this country.  Someone who hasn’t been in politics, knows business, understands economics.   Know this, the established Democrats AND Republicans are against this guy.  If you’re smart, that should be reason enough to support him.  The Republican party supported Paul’s opponent in the primary.

Ok, back to the main point of this article.  On discussing the Civil Rights Act, Paul engaged in a discussion about a minor point of the act and that is that government telling businesses what to do is a dangerous arena and sets a bad precedent.  Paul believes the market can sort out these things.  For example, if a diner refused to serve black people, let the market punish the diner through people refusing to eat there, boycott it, etc. rather than the government telling it what to do.  Paul is engaging an intelligent conversation on Constitutional issues with the context being the Civil Rights Act.  He’s not for the repeal of the Civil Rights Act and he’s not a racist.

Sadly, America is unable to engage Paul on this discussion and would rather throw an emotional fit calling Paul a racist and saying he wants to get rid of civil rights.  For crying out loud.  Either Americans are completely incapable of discussing Constitutional issues which is probably true or the media is completely in control of the political scene.  Rand Paul just killed his opponent in the primary because he’s a sharp, intelligent guy who is more interested in protecting the Constitution versus his political career (which he doesn’t have).  The establishment, the Republicans, Democrats, and the mainstream media will do whatever it takes to make sure he doesn’t succeed.

For our sakes, I hope he does.


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