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Next Level Blogging Part 1

24 June 2010 No Comment

If you browse the 100’s of “how-to-blog” sites out there, it’s unlikely that you ever get any information or advice past the basics.  By basics I mean telling you to write frequently, comment on other blogs, write guest posts, etc. – you know, the basic common sense stuff.  This new series for bloggers is called Next Level Blogging; it is intended to help bloggers get to the next level.  It’s primarily for bloggers who are established and have a blog up and running with some decent traffic.  It’s geared to help these folks take their blog to another level with regards to traffic, income, status, and more.

Part 1 – Hiring A Staff Of Writers

In this first part of this series, I’m going to look at a way to transition your blog from an informal hobby into a business, a way to reinvest some of the revenues from the blog back into the business and how to increase both the quality and frequency of the content which is central to your success.

Let’s face it, keeping up with the content on a blog continuously over months and years is tough.  And, taking your blog to the next level may even require writing MORE content.  One strategy to satisfy this demand is to hire help.  It is very easy to find writers to help you push your blog forward.  Paying writers on a per-article basis is a fairly cheap and easy way to continue the development of fresh content for your blog.  The reality is that a very harsh recession means unemployed or underemployed people who are looking for work.  You can get quality content for $15-20 per article and maybe even less.

How do you go about finding paid writers?

First, you might consider the relationships you have with other bloggers.  Other bloggers are great candidates especially if they typically offer guest posts.  Writing posts for your blog is a way for them to earn additional money and gain exposure for their blog.

Second, consider online resources like freelance sites or even put an ad on craigslist.  Be specific to what you’re looking for to help filter the number of responses, because you will likely receive a great many.

In interviewing the candidates, ask them to provide some information about themselves, potential topics they think they could write about with a high degree of quality, and then ask them to provide some samples.

The process

I would recommend for each article asking your writer to run an idea for an article by you first, possibly with a rough outline.  After approving it, then they should go forward and write the full article and submit it to you for review.  I’d recommend paying writers via PayPal based on the articles that are published (not submitted – make this clear).

Be sure to be strict in the quality of the content and make sure it goes with the overall feel and theme of the site.  Also make sure the content doesn’t come across as boiler plate, filler content.  Some freelancers are very good at pumping out high volumes of low quality, filler content – avoid these people and their work.

The Next Level Blogging Series:

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