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Next Level Blogging Part 2

28 June 2010 No Comment

If you browse the 100’s of “how-to-blog” sites out there, it’s unlikely that you ever get any information or advice past the basics.  By basics I mean telling you to write frequently, comment on other blogs, write guest posts, etc. – you know, the basic common sense stuff.  This new series for bloggers is called Next Level Blogging; it is intended to help bloggers get to the next level.  It’s primarily for bloggers who are established and have a blog up and running with some decent traffic.  It’s geared to help these folks take their blog to another level with regards to traffic, income, status, and more.

Part 2 – Segmentation & Targeting

In part 1 we discussed the strategy of hiring staff writers to compliment your writing and build up a higher frequency of content delivery for your readers.  In part 2, we are going to piggy back off of that concept and go a little further.  With more content of more types, you can do more things on your blog.  It truly starts with content.

You can drastically improve the user experience and traffic numbers of your website through what I call segmentation and targeting.  What I mean by this is breaking up your site into various areas based on content type, then showing the viewer of that area custom content and options.  By targeting a reader of a specific type on a more granular level, you can drastically improve your performance.

I’ll give you an example… if you’re reading this post, I’ve determined that you are reading a post on Blogging.  As such, I’ve created a custom side bar for blogging posts that displays more content on blogging and some content on income streams, business, etc.  If you were to go back to the home page of my site and go into a post on investing, you’ll see a completely different line-up of content for Investing readers.  This process alone has helped my page views per visit metric almost double.

Custom sidebars are just the start of this process.  You can do a great deal more if you get creative.  You could change up the entire look & feel of the site depending on what area of the site the user visits.  Maybe you switch up the color scheme.  Or maybe you have a custom header graphic that changes based on what area of the site the user visits.  There are many possibilities.  You want to be different & unique.  You want to offer the reader a range of options that you know they’re interested in so that they don’t leave your site.

The Next Level Blogging Series:

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