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Time To Single Someone Out

20 July 2010 2 Comments

Ok, a little while back I did a post on how the homebuyer tax credit was extended.  I mentioned that the Republicans and Democrats BOTH supported the extension. I then mentioned Jim Demint was basically the only one who was against it.  You can see the article here.

Well, today I got a great comment from a person who is clearly a Democrat, who decided to go on a anti-tax cut rant and didn’t even address the homebuyer tax credit issue.  She then went on to tell me that she hoped I wasn’t attempting to be bipartisan because I clearly wasn’t.  Here is the brilliance from Jenny:

Senator DeMint says no to everything except big tax cuts for the wealthy. Ronald Reagan grew the deficit 189 percent; George H. W. Bush grew it 55 percent, Clinton grew it 36 percent, Carter grew it 46 percent and George W. Bush grew it 89 percent. Bush senior called tax cuts for the wealthy voodoo economics, but that’s what the republicans want now — tax cuts kept in place for the rich and they don’t care about funding the cut because it will “pay for itself.” I think, beginning with Reagan, we can prove with hard figures that it doesn’t. I hope this article was not meant to be bipartisan beause if it was, you didn’t achieve your goal.

Thank you for the lesson on tax cuts and deficits since the article wasn’t even about tax cuts.  As I responded to the comment on the article, I agree with her on one front… Republicans have been just as bad if not worse than Democrats for a very long time with regards to fiscal responsibility.

Jenny however is clearly myopic and thinks there is a direct correlation between “tax cuts for the wealth” (focus group term) and deficits.  Let’s not mention other factors such as medicare, social security, an outrageous defense budget, stimulus plans, etc and a overall general unsustainable government.  According to Jenny, tax cuts = deficits.  Thank YOU Jenny for enlightening us.  We have it all figured out now.

It’s hard to blame the politicians when we have people like Jenny out there who are allowed to vote and put these people in power.  Sigh.

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