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New Forums At 20smoney!

10 August 2010 3 Comments

New forums have been launched at 20smoney.  You can access them by clicking here.  Now, since there are message boards all over the internet, I’m really trying to keep these targeted and focused.

The three forums are:

  • Online Income Discussion – the purpose here is to provide a sounding board for those of us who are working on online income streams.  Whether you’re just starting, in the middle of the journey, or a seasoned expert, this forum will allow you to ask and answer all kinds of questions.  Some examples questions are: How do I get started making money online? What kind of websites make money?  How did you get to $2,000 per month in income?
  • Economy Discussion – this forum is here to discuss various aspects of the economy.  Topics include the Fed, growth, investing in today’s economy, finding a job in today’s economy, etc.
  • Dividend Income – this is specific-enough of a forum I thought to warrant its inclusion.  For those of us looking for passive income, dividends are a great opportunity.  We’ll discuss specific stock ideas and dividend strategies in this forum.

I Want Your Participation

In order to encourage participation, I’m going to run a contest.  The most active forum member for the rest of the month will get a $100 AMEX gift card mailed to them.  Additionally, I’ll probably give the most active member (other than the main winner) for each of the above three forums, so if you’re only interested in online income, you can win the online income forum prize.

When you register, you include your email address so make sure its accurate so I can contact you if you win the prize!

RSS Readers

Make sure you click this link to check out the forums!!


  • J Alston said:


    just registered and put on my todo list

    hopefully this is just what im looking for, looks like i have a lot to read Im trying to find a way to build an e-mail list.

  • high yield said:

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  • Brinda Sepe said:

    Lovely! Thank you for sharing these techniques!