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What Do We Do With “Doom & Gloom” Articles?

16 August 2010 One Comment

There’s no shortage of “Doom & Gloom” articles and columns around the internet.  I read a lot of them.  Frankly, since I know I lean towards these articles since it is the argument that I think has more credibility than the alternative green shoots article.  With that said, I read two fascinating reads today that I want to pass along to you.

I encourage you to read the following:

After doing so, the next question is what do we do with this? Do we become an extreme survivalist and move out to the country to live off the land?  I don’t plan to and I doubt you plan to.  But, ignoring this kind of insight and opinion is probably not very wise.

In my opinion, you should read these articles.  You should read what people think might happen down the road as long as its based in real observation and fact.  While your day-to-day life may not change now, you should have some level of planning in place should things get worse or even much worse.  You might feel better about it if you put such action under the umbrella of diversification – a word we all believe in, right?

A couple questions to consider:

  1. If the economy gets much worse, how do you plan to make a living?
  2. Do you have any buffer where if you lost your job, you’d be fine for a while?  No? Better get on it then.

I would enjoy your comments and discussion on this topic?  Do you ignore this kind of stuff?  Do you think its ridiculous or overboard?

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