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20smoney Investing Contest

19 August 2010 7 Comments

I’m looking to put together a nice little investing contest for the readers of 20smoney.  There are some great platforms on the internet where you can do “fake investing” without real money – Investopedia.com is probably the best.  Before launching such a contest, I want to gauge interest.  If we can get 10+ people, it might be fun to do.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • Cash prizes for the best investors based on performance
  • Investing is definitely a long-term game, so the contest could potentially run several years – to keep interest, we might do an annual or semi-annual cash prize?
  • We’d do something like where each person starts with $100,000 of “play money”
  • “Players” will have to announce their overall strategy ahead of time so that everyone can see what strategies are out there – this won’t mean you’re stuck to your specific strategy but it will be a guide for the contest
  • The purpose is to be fun and maybe educate others on your favorite investment strategy
  • If you have a blog and want to enter, we will make sure your blog gets some publicity

If this is something you might be interested in, leave a comment (make sure you include your correct email address) or shoot me an email at kevin [at] this domain – put “investing contest” in the subject line.

I’ll provide an update based on the feedback I got in a couple weeks.  Thanks.


  • TaJ said:

    It might be interesting if you get a mix of strategies. It would need enough interest to keep people at it though.

  • wyojeff said:

    I think I could do something like this. It also would be a great help to me for my real life investing, because it would finally get an extremely nebulous and currently unpracticed (because of debt payoff) investing strategy on paper and into at least a trial run so that I could see where it would go after a year or two

  • 20smoney said:

    Good stuf. I think we have enough people to do something here. I have had a couple emails as well. Look for a formal announcement in a week or so.

    I'm thinking maybe we do a pre-launch type contest for the rest of 2010… if interest holds, we launch into the full contest at the start of the year and see what happens.

    I think this could be a great learning experience for all of us.

  • TraderMark said:

    This sounds vaguely familiar lol.

  • 20smoney said:

    Yep your deal is much more "official" though 🙂

  • Bryan said:

    Let me know when it's gonna start!

  • Caity said:

    Sounds fun! pennycouture@gmail.com