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Monthly Online Business Update – September 2010

11 October 2010 16 Comments

A Change

Typically, I do a monthly blog update.  This month we get away from a single-blog focus and move towards a more robust online business update – this blog being a major component of the overall picture.  You will notice in this month’s update that I provide a little less detail on traffic, but instead focus on breaking down the metrics on a number of what I call “web properties.”  I hope you enjoy…


To start off this month’s online business picture, I want to explain why I do this.  If you’re new to the blog, you might wonder why I’m talking about blogging on a blog about financial topics.  Well, my view is that creating secondary income sources is the most impactful thing you can do for your finances.  Furthermore, creating online income is probably the easiest and lowest risk opportunity for you to create another income stream.  This report is my monthly update on this journey.

As you can tell if you continue reading, I’m now bringing in over $1,000 $1,500 in extra income every single month because of my various web sites.  This is my goal, and my continuing goal is to increase this monthly income as I move forward.  If you’re interested in starting a similar journey, I have plenty of information here on this blog to help you launch.  To start, check out the information on the Online Income page.


20smoney.com is the core piece of my overall online business.  It is the first website that I launched, and has generates most of the online revenue.  The success of this site has allowed me to ramp up additional sites.

Total Visits

October 2009: 6,387 visits
November 2009: 6,996 visits
December 2009: 7,735 visits
January 2010: 12,354 visits
February 2010: 11,947 visits
March 2010: 13,208 visits
April 2010: 11,943 visits
May 2010: 12,050 visits
June 2010: 12,065 visits
July 2010: 17,118 visits
August 2010: 17,487 visits
September 2010: 14,690 visits

Page Views

October 2009: 19,155 total page views
November 2009: 20,500 total page views
December 2009: 23,418 total page views
January 2010: 36,023 total page views
February 2010: 33,725 total page views
March 2010: 36,776 total page views
April 2010: 32,670 total page views
May 2010: 33,035 total page views
June 2010: 39,208 total page views
July 2010: 61,120 total page views
August 2010: 66,599 total page views
September 2010: 51,961 total page views

20smoney.com Revenue

November 2009: $285.00
December 2009: $90.00
January 2010: $90.00
February 2010: $290.00
March 2010: $435.00
April 2010: $910.00
May 2010: $1,148.75
June 2010: $1,350.75
July 2010: $1,680.00
August 2010: $1,967.00
September 2010: $1,835.00

20smoney, overall, had a slight dip in traffic, but nothing I’m getting too worked up about.  I’m now splitting my time in between a number of sites so the overall promotional effort for 20smoney dipped slightly which might account for the drop in traffic.  This does not correlate however to the dip in income, because October is already on pace to be well above August’s income.

Web Property #2

My second web property is a site that can be catagorized as a niche site – a niche site attempts to utilize SEO for various keywords and generate traffic and revenue.  This web property was launched in January of 2010.


September 2010: $230.00

Web Property #3 & 4

Additionally, I have two sites that are similar to web property #2.  I will call these #3 and #4 – currently, they are still in the ramp up phase and have negligible traffic and no revenue.  These two sites were launched in June 2010 and August 2010.


September 2010: N/A

Saturday Down South

You may have heard me discuss SaturdayDownSouth.com which is one of my main projects now.  It is a site all about college football, and the success in a few short months has been huge.  We had 75,000 visits in September and October will be even more.  I will continue to update you on the progress with this site.

Currently, there is only some small revenue generated from Adsense, but there is big opportunity here.  The end game here is a potential buyout from a major media company – I’ll continue to document our team’s progress, but I probably won’t be doing any details on the revenue for the site.

Additional Opportunities

If this traffic and income report inspires you to get started, I want to be a part of it.  There are many benefits to partnering with bloggers – especially bloggers with established blogs that have consistent traffic and are earning money.  If you have any questions or are looking for some help, let me know – contact me.


  • Robert Samuel said:

    Great blog you have. This is my first time coming here and I think this is useful to anyone in online marketing, advertising or general online business. 🙂

  • Mark said:

    Your page views have grown exponentially in the past view. I wouldn't be concerned about the slight dip in page views and revenue for the past month. Your numbers are still very high. How is the Saturday Down South venture going? I started a sports blog about a year ago called Sportsfeens.com and have just started putting more time into building it.

  • 20smoney said:

    SDS is getting big. Should cross 100,000 visits in October. But I have a team there, it's not just me. I think SDS is going to get very big. Will keep everyone updated on it.

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