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Reader Question: Would You Pay $10/Month To Be A Part Of A Unique Online Community?

28 October 2010 9 Comments

One of the great things about having a highly motivated, educated audience is that I have a resource to ask legitimate questions to and pay attention to the group’s thoughts and reactions.  So, today, I’m using this resource to ask a question.

My question is would you pay $10 a month to be a part of an online community described as follows:

  • A limited group of 100 or so motivated people looking to get ahead
  • Be able to ask questions and get advice on YOUR specific financial situations including personal finance, business, your job, entrepreneurship, real estate, investing, etc.
  • A blog is too much about one-way communication, I’m looking for a way to build a community revolving around two-way communication
  • Discuss financial strategies openly
  • Discuss ways to allocate money and build productive assets
  • Whatever else a group of people wanting to get ahead want to discuss

So would you pay $10 a month (not much) to be a part of that?  If yes, why?  If no, why?

Let em know what you think.


  • Stephan said:

    no, there are too many places to do this online for free where i dont think a service like this would be popular, just my opinion!

  • 20smoney said:

    Like where?

  • andrewbpaterson said:

    I would not be a part of this, unless portfolio stats were given showing consistent performance beating the popular indices.

    As far as bouncing ideas around, I have a group of friends who I meet with every 6 weeks or so. We discuss any and everything related to PF. Although we don't, by any means, know *everything*, we rely on each other to find answers to anyone's questions.
    It's a community…and although it might not have the drive or knowledge your proposed group would have, I like that we meet in person, and that it's free!

  • Jmarv said:

    No, I'm not the kind of person that usually spends money on internet subscriptions. That said, I'm only 22, maybe older people would be more receptive to the idea.

  • Mira said:

    No not a good investment…how to justify the expense?

  • Alan S said:

    No, I'm too self-reliant and would rather make my own decision than allow someone else to make it for me.

  • David Moore said:

    I pay 1000 a month for business and financial advice. There are hundreds of thousands of people willing to pay to belong to a group or courses like this.

    You might look at studying the business coaching industry (tony robbins’ organization offers this), Internet marketing gurus such as Eben Pagan, Jeff Walker, etc, and high end seminars and online courses.

    10 dollars a month is peanuts to invest in your financial future. You’re either asking the wrong group or positioning yourself as offering advice and support worth the price of two lattes.

    Love your blog – but this particular idea you have needs to be repositioned and offered to a better qualified audience.

    Thanks, David

  • buzz said:

    No, I am already a member of such a group for free.
    You should check it out, you seem to be pretty like minded with Jacob.

  • hyip said:

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