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Job Guy vs Career Guy vs Entrepreneur

21 November 2010 7 Comments

Talking to people about their business goals, financial goals and career goals will always land you a mixed bag of responses and viewpoints.  The way people discuss their career and outlook of career and financial state often can be enough to put them into one of three categories: job guy, career guy or entrepreneur.

Job Guy

Job guy works a job.  There’s little else to say.  He’s probably barely making ends meet or isn’t.  These guys typically have lots of debt, specifically consumer debt, because frankly, they don’t make enough money.  They don’t really have plans for bigger things and if they do, there is little strategy or planning that is being done, so the chance of bigger things is essentially nil.

Now, don’t get me wrong, people who work temporary jobs are not always “job guys”.  I know plenty of people that got laid off and are in a transition phase that are working at retail stores or something.  These are not job guys.  They fully plan to get back at it in their career or by starting a business, and you can tell by their drive that they will indeed get back to it soon.

Job guy usually doesn’t have a degree.  Now, I’m not one of those guys that thinks people with degrees are smarter than others, but in the world we live in, being degree-less slams far too many doors in your face to not get one.

Career Guy

Career guy has a career track that he is on.  Even if he recently got laid off, he knows where he’s going and he’s making moves to get back on the track.  The career guy may or may not see himself with his current company for a long period of time.  His current company might be a launching pad for the next phase of his career, or his current company might be a bad stop on his journey to where he wants to get to.

Career guy constantly networks with individuals because he knows that the people he knows will open doors for him and will be instrumental in moving up the ladder.

Career guy also constantly is building his skill set because he wants to take on more responsibility.  He wants to do more and be able to perform at a higher level.  Why?  Because he wants recognition, added responsibility, promotions, and yes more money.


The entrepreneur wants to be his own boss.  It might be a one-man show, or running a business with hundreds of employees.  Regardless, the entrepreneur wants to run the show.  He embraces risk and understand it.

The entrepreneur may or may not currently be starting/running his own business.  He might still be working a job or a career but he is on schedule to eventually take the plunge.

He might be starting a business on the side while he currently works for someone else because he’d rather minimize the risk of not having an income for a period of time.

Today’s Economy

Now, as a result of the economic environment we currently find ourselves in, I’d say we have had an increase in entrepreneurs out of necessity.  Many people have lost their jobs and are trying to go at it on their own.  Most of these people won’t succeed because they’re ill prepared to succeed in business on their own.  They don’t have enough capital, skills or connections.

Career guy has had a setback in many cases, and job guy is finding his hours cut.  Job guy is now finding he is competing with many career guys who are looking for temporary income while they look for their next job.

Career guy is learning that career growth isn’t automatic anymore.  While companies increase productivity, ship jobs overseas, and find that business is picking up as fast as they wished, high-paying jobs are few and far between.  Job openings for attractive jobs get hundreds of candidates at a minimum.  As stated above, career guy MUST network to get ahead.  The person you know at company X is by far your greatest chance of landing a job there.  Your resume is irrelevant and probably not even looked at.

Which one are you?  Why?


  • @FinancialPlan said:

    I'm investor guy. I want to own investments that employ career and job guy, so that they work for me.

  • Sandy @yesiamcheap said:

    Why can't I be more than one? I'm job girl and entrepreneur girl. Job pays for insurance and the like until I strike it rich!

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  • Dan Walton said:

    I’m definitely an entrepreneur! I wanna run my own show.

  • Tim @ Akron, OH said:

    What about non-profit guy? Someone who is out to help others. Sure he is out to make a paycheck, but to some of us, money isn't the only kind of reward (though it is a good one).

  • Kellen said:

    I guess right now I'm career woman, but hopefully I can be entrepreneur woman one day. I'm pretty risk averse though, so my leap into entrepreneurship will require plenty of planning and safety nets.

  • Julian said:

    Currently I guess I'm the job guy , why ? I'm a 19 year old young guy on his track to entrepreneur, we all have goals, but at the moment I feel good with the things I've done.