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What Does 2011 Have In Store For You?

4 January 2011 8 Comments

One year ago we were starting 2010.  Did you have goals or things you wanted to accomplish?  How did it turn out?  Hopefully, the results are encouraging and not discouraging.

Regardless, 2011 is underway and it is a new year.  Where do you want to be a year from now?

I’ll tell you one thing, nothing is automatic and nothing is easy.  If you want to get to a certain place this year, you’re going to have to work for it.

Times are tough which means nothing is easy.  The good thing is that the majority of the public will do nothing leaving the opportunity for the people who have energy and drive to step in and take advantage of the fact that most people aren’t willing to do what you might be wiling to do.

So what is it?  Do you want to become more independent?  How about making as much money on your own as you make from your job?  Nobody works hard to build additional income.  This is the opportunity you have for 2011.  Be one of the few that will do it.  The question isn’t a matter of if it will happen, but to what degree.  If you are determined, you can make some good money on your own this year and build up income streams and businesses that can change your financial life.

This will be the focus of 2011 on this site.

I won’t be talking as much politics and not as much about specific stocks and companies.  The focus will be more entrepreneurial and making money online and making money on the side.  The fact is that the economy sucks and you essentially have to outrun the destructive nature of it.  You have to outrun the contracting economy by expanding your income base.

In 2011, we will build income streams.  Are you with me?


  • Arthur Garcia said:

    Nice post – short and sweet! I'd like to try and build an additional stream of income this year – perhaps starting a "handyman" company with my dad (part-time) or some type of revenue generating website. Are there any new strategies you will be trying to incorporate this year?

  • workers comp law said:

    2010 was a stagnant year for me. 2011 looks much better and you are so right about the ability to create extra income for yourself. It's relatively simple but it's not easy. It takes the extra effort many folks are not willing to put forth.

  • EastBaySailor said:

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  • kathy said:

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  • kijiji saskatoon said:

    2011 has passed away with memorable memories. I have many special moments in my mind. The following year will also be the great one for all.