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Guest Post: How to Systematically Make Money Online

21 January 2011 27 Comments

Living in the information age brings a lot of perks. Not only do we have access to plenty of information about investing, finance, accounting, economics, and business (stuff they could have only dreamed about just a few decades ago), we also have the ability to easily launch relatively cheap businesses online.

Dropshipping businesses, information products, for-profit blogs — these are all examples of online businesses that are common and popular. They can be lucrative, and rarely cost as much as a traditional brick-and-mortar business to start up.

As has been talked about before here at 20s money, building an online income is a great investment dollar for dollar. In this post, we’ll be talking about basic strategies for building a succesful network of for-profit websites/blogs.

Systematic business

Having the right business model is always important. This is especially true for online businesses. To succeed with your website, you need:

Monetize Website. Figure out how to make money with your traffic. A mixture is usually best, with ads, a product, and affiliate products. The most consistent is usually the advertising.

Calculate CPM. Figure out how to create a consistent CPM. After a few weeks, try to conclude what you can expect your website’s CPM to be. CPM is essentially how much money you make for every thousand pageviews of your website. This is helpful because it allows you to know how much traffic you need.

For example, if you can generate $30 CPM, that means you make $30 for every thousand pageviews. If you get 1.5 pageviews per new visitor, then you know you’ll need about 700 visitors per day to make $30 per day. If your goal is to make six figure per year, then you’ll just need 4,200 visitors per day.

Being able to have concrete goals for traffic and monetization is a huge step toward being able to create a plan that will actually get you there.

Consistent Traffic. Now figure out how to get consistent traffic. Many popular bloggers emphasize community, some empasize valuable content, and some emphasize good marketing.

In my experience, the best is a mixture of subscribers and SEO. Creating a website that focuses every page on getting new visitors to subscribe, and focusing a good portion of daily work time on building links and SEO means you increase your daily new visitors while also increasing your daily repeat visitors. It’s a two-pronged marketing plan, and so far has worked.

Do Good SEO. The most consistent sources of new visitors are easily search engines. Search traffic is the easiest to monetize because they’re looking for answers — they’re more likely to subscribe, click ads, and buy stuff. They’re also more consistent, because if you’re the first result on Google for a keyword, you’ll get about the same visitors every day for that keyword. I don’t know how the math works out, but it’s generally the case.

So how do you rank? Simple. There are two steps:

On-site seo. Put keywords in your titles, make sure every article on your site is no more than 3 links away from your homepage, and make your articles as long and informative as you can. This is essentially on-site SEO. There are more basic details, but there are also tons of resources out there on this. I’ll focus on the second step, which seems to trip people up the most.

Link building. Your website needs links. If you have more links that are higher quality than your competitor, and you’ve got good on-site SEO, then you’ll out-rank them. It’s that simple. Almost every keyword is up for grabs. While I was a 1-man show, I ranked top 10 for gold, gold coins, debt, debt consolidation, financial planning, wealth management, make money, and make money online — each of those extremely competitive keywords was fairly simple to do. I only did the following steps:

a) Article marketing. Post articles on article directories like Buzzle.com. In each article, contain links to your website. If this sounds simple, it’s because it is.

b) Guest posting. This is one of the best ways to build links, and I use this one the most… for example, this post has several links at the end that go to my main website that I’m marketing right now. Find popular websites and write articles for them. If the articles are good, you’ll make friends, build links, and help readers. Everyone wins.

c) Link networks. Linkvana.com, Uniquearticlewizard.com, Buildmyrank.com — these are just some examples of websites that exist to help you easily create articles for other websites that will have links to your website. It’s essentially weaker versions of article marketing.

d) Link exchanges. Link exchanges still work as long as you’re exchanging links with a website that has plenty of links and great content. Link exchanges with spammy/small websites is a bad idea. Link exchanges with large websites is usually a good idea.

This should be a good foundation for building an online business plan. Set up your website, figure out how much you’ll probably make per thousand pageviews, and use SEO to get as many first-time visitors to your website as you possibly can by building links.

If you have any questions or tips, feel free to use the contact form below and ask away!

About the Author: Shaun Connell is a full-time blogger and webmaster who runs a debt consolidation website along with a former debt-collection expert. His website teaches people how to get out of debt.


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