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A Possible Way To Jumpstart Online Income

2 February 2011 5 Comments

I recently familiarized myself with a pretty cool website that allows you to buy websites.  The website connects buyers and sellers for websites (and domains).  There are other websites out there that list websites, but this is one of the best ones because it is specific to websites and therefore has features that make the process easier versus something like eBay where you can list anything.

The website is flippa.com.

Why you should use Flippa

This can help you jumpstart the process and skip the initial launch phase of a website.  You can essentially pay someone else to do the initial work for you.  This may or may not be attractive to you.

I actually almost bought a website on here last week, but the purchase price crossed what I was willing to pay.  You can definitely find good assets on here (although there’s plenty of crap sites on there as well).

Why you shouldn’t use Flippa

If you’ve never built a website and monetized it, I’m not sure your first attempt should be one where you buy a site from someone else.  Doing all the work yourself will definitely teach you the whole process and you’ll be better off for it.

Furthermore, without the experience, you might not know what to buy based on what will do well and what will be a good investment.  The experience of doing it yourself is invaluable and will also help you know what is a good value and what isn’t.

Check out the website and see what you find!


  • Mark said:

    I have used Flippa in the past and got a decent deal on a website.

  • fxgeorges said:

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  • @MyATMHoldings said:

    This is such a great article Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

  • Md. Forhad Hossain said:

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  • drstevewalsh said:

    Hmm, Flippa you say. I'll give it a try.