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MF Global Goes Down

31 October 2011 32 Comments

It takes special talent to destroy a state (New Jersey) and a private company (MF Global). MF Global has had its shares halted and will be heading for bankruptcy. Jon Corzine, former CEO of Goldman Sachs, Senator and Governor of New Jersey is the CEO of MF Global. He’s essentially the epitome of everything wrong with Wall Street – the shining beacon of politics merged with global finance. I hope he goes broke.


  • xfiltrate said:

    CNN finally ….has covered the Argentine crisis with an eye toward Greece and perhaps

    Jon Corzine's New Jersey? I usually ignore CNN, but when they report the obvious – events I have

    witnessed personally, I listen. You might want to check out this interesting report entitled:

    Inflation downplayed as Argentina recovers
    By Brian Byrnes
    October 22, 2011 — Updated 1545 GMT (2345 HKT)
    found here: http://edition.cnn.com/2011/10/21/world/americas/

  • Ronthecanuk said:

    I wonder how many CNN executives lost money
    with MF Global…

    What does the MF stand for?
    M-anaged F-utures
    M-utual F-unds
    M-oth… F-u…..

    Yake your pick.

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  • xfiltrate said:

    Back on the topic, MF Global Goes Down and former Goldman Sachs CEO and Governor

    Jon Corzine, please watch Keiser Report episode 26 found here:

    Everything is explained in simple terms, with a minimum of Wall Street jargon – Max Keiser and

    Stacy Herbert just tell it like it is. None of the CEOs loose money, the losses are all passed onto

    clients and profits mysteriously disappear . oh , and let's not forget the 12 million dollar bonus


    walks with for ruining a 200 year old firm (MF) in less than 2 years.


    tells it like it is

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