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5 Reasons Streamlining Data Can Help Business Processes

26 April 2012 8 Comments

After your employees, data is likely to be one of the most valuable resources that your organisation has. This means that it needs to be managed carefully so that it can be of the most use to you, and in many cases, streamlining your data could well help your wider business processes. Read on to find out why this is the case and how ERP software could well help you to streamline your data more effectively.

Quicker update times

One of the very best reasons to streamline your company’s data is that it means you can update it much quicker than previously. This is one of the ways in which good ERP software can help you; it enables you to integrate all of your data into one central database, which enables you to make changes quickly and easily. If you are able to update your data quicker while still be certain of its accuracy, this then has a knock-on effect for the rest of your processes, giving you more scope to deal with them.

Better security

Another reason to streamline your data is that doing so can offer you better security. For example, let’s say you don’t currently have an ERP system in place but your company deals with lots of different data across departments. If this is the case then you are likely to need lots of different kinds of software with which to manage that data – any one of which could potentially go wrong or cause a fracture in your security processes. By contrast, a single ERP system that enables you to deal with data through one piece of software offers you security benefits; as long as it is properly managed, there are fewer ways in which your data could be lost.

Coherence across the board

This links to the idea of creating greater coherence throughout your organisation and its processes, which is another very good reason to consider streamlining your data. If you are able to use a single, secure central system, it means that everyone in your company will have access to the same information when they need it. This is in contrast to other cases where different departments might have different data management systems, which is not only cumbersome for processes that require the cooperation of multiple departments, but can also lead to conflicting data. It definitely makes much more sense to streamline it.

Better, more accurate reports

ERP solutions that help to streamline your data also enable you to produce more accurate reports on what your business is doing. By having more accurate data, your reports will inevitably be more useful. This is beneficial for your business processes as you will have a better idea of what’s working and what’s not, and implementing any necessary changes will be much more straightforward.

Better productivity elsewhere

Finally, if you are able to streamline your data through ERP solutions, all of your other business processes could benefit. After all, if employees are spending less time on data management, they’ll have more to spend on areas such as customer service or sales, all of which is beneficial if you are hoping to improve your business further.


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