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Tips For Homeowners Looking For Suitable Insurance Coverage

29 October 2012 No Comment

The last thing people need, as a homeowner is to find out too late that their insurance policy will only cover part or none of the costs related to the damage or destruction of their property. Contacting the Department of Insurance will help them receive more information about all insurance policies available for their state.

Sewage Backup Coverage

If you live in an area that is prone to floods, sewage backups could be a potential problem. Although this type of coverage is not easily accessible, you can check with the Department of Insurance in your state for recommendations as to how to obtain sewage backup coverage.

Extended & Guaranteed Replacement Cost Coverage

Another scenario that could be a homeowner’s worst nightmare is when their home is damaged or completely destroyed after a major natural disaster and their insurance company won’t cover the costs to repair or rebuild it. Extended and guaranteed replacement cost policies covers labor and building expenses and fluctuations in property value, all at the current rate of inflation; with coverage being paid up to a predetermined amount above the policy limit.

Hurricane Coverage

An example of an add-on insurance coverage is hurricane protection. If you attach this coverage to your plan, it will add on a specific percentage or dollar amount to the cost of your policy, and could also increase your deductibles if you live in locations prone to hurricanes, such as the Gulf areas and Florida. Details of this type of home insurance coverage varies depending on the state or the insurance company you’re dealing with.

Flood Protection

Flood damage policies are usually either offered through select private companies or the federal government. Even if your current provider does not offer flood coverage, and you live in a high risk area for flooding, you can still get free online home insurance quotes that offer flood protection and consider switching your coverage to them. Preparing for flood damage may also include installing flood detectors in basements, that can reduce the monthly expense of this type of coverage.

Insuring Part-Time and Vacation Homes

If you own a second or part-time home, that will remain vacant for a lengthy period of time, make sure that you choose an insurance policy that covers the specific time you’re absent from it, and whether or not a house is a second or vacation home. These details are extremely important when receiving a quote for insurance coverage, since the prices will be different. Furthermore, failing to specify how long a house will be occupied can pose a problem if an accident or disaster happens and you’ll have to file a claim while you’re away from the home; this issue could make it difficult for you to settle the claim.

Endorsements & Riders

Endorsements and riders are written forms that are meant to add or remove policies and terms attached to your original insurance plan. You can change your insurance at any without delay to add something else on that you may need.

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