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Windows phone: What is it like for gaming?

12 February 2013 No Comment

Microsoft have been major players in the world of gaming since their launch of the Xbox console over a decade ago. Prior to that the PC had been their only source of gaming and the company itself wasn’t too involved with that side of things, instead being happy to provide the operating system to run the computers. In the last few years though Microsoft has changed their attitudes towards gaming and has geared much of what they do in that direction.

The Windows phone has been designed to be a great phone for many different kinds of people. Those who love  gaming will find that it is ideal for them thanks to its built in connection to Xbox Live Arcade, offering games that can be played directly on the phone itself. It also allows you to connect to your Xbox Live Arcade account and keep track of your achievements, your gamer points and see what your friends are up to, all from a single program.

This stripped back version of the home PC favourite is ideal for surfing the internet or playing a few hands of poker or roulette whilst you’re out and about. It brings the entire world into the palm of your hand as well as offering you unprecedented access to everything you need as a dedicated gamer on the go.

In the next couple of years there will be a relaunch of the console wars as we see Microsoft go up against the other heavy hitters in the world of gaming. The Windows phone is just the first salvo in what should be an exciting battle.

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