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How To Use Social Media To Find A Job

19 February 2013 2 Comments

1042386_42223168Finding a job in the middle of a recession can be tricky, but it’s certainly not impossible. Today, access to the internet and social networks provide job searchers with a brand new tool for finding and securing the best work.

Let’s take a look at how you can use social media to increase your chances of finding a new job.

Tell your friends and family on Facebook that you’re looking for work

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Make your friends and family aware that you’re searching for work by messaging or updating your status on Facebook. There may be some positions coming up in their place of employment, or they may know someone who’s recruiting for a small business. Your message could potentially spread across the world, so even if you’re just looking for IT jobs in Cambridge, you never know what might pop up.

Check your privacy settings so you know what information you’re sharing

Many recruiters now search for candidates online to see what they can find out about them before progressing their application. If you have lots of pictures on social networks of you partying hard, you could be giving off the wrong impression. Review your privacy settings so you know exactly what searchers can see when they look for you on social networks.

Join professional networks such as LinkedIn

Social networks aren’t just for catching up with friends. Sites such as LinkedIn are tailored specifically to the world of work, and building a presence can be a great way to get noticed and even get headhunted by recruiters. Spend a little time every day searching for jobs on these networks and building up your connections.

Follow industry leaders to stay up to date

Social media provides you with an amazing way to keep breast of the latest news and developments in your area of expertise. When you’re writing job applications and attending interviews, this sort of knowledge can be invaluable. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions when you see updates from influential figures in your field. It can be a great way to get noticed and improve your knowledge.

Start a blog about your career interests

Writing a blog can be a fantastic way to help you find work. Not only does it provide you with motivation for keeping up to date with industry developments, but it also encourages you to think outside of the box and build new connections. It can be a valuable addition to your CV, and will show your potential employer just how passionate you are about your subject area.

Are you using social media to help you to find a job? Have you had any success so far?

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