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Top Five New Gadgets

19 March 2013 3 Comments

canstockphoto12835185The world of technology moves at an alarming pace. From smartphones to laptops, the electronic goods we buy are improving all of the time. With the mass of new technology piling onto the market each week, it can be tough to see the wood for the trees.

Every now and then, a product is released which sits a peg above the rest. Here, we take a quick look at five electronic gadgets that have recently been released and which stand lightyears ahead of the competition.

Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft’s Surface Pro is among the first tablet-laptop hybrids to hit the market with great success. Rather than offering nothing but compromise, as the early tablets did, the Surface Pro is a fine example of versatility and development.

Now may be the time for you to sell your iPad and invest in something more powerful, sleek and infinitely more beautiful. The Surface Pro has offered us a peek at the future of laptop computing, and it looks promising.

Samsung Galaxy Note

There are two features of the Galaxy Note which stand out when one first glances at the spec sheet: the whopping 5.3” display and the 1.4 GHz Dual Core Processor. This phone is quite literally faster than many people’s desktop computers.

The size of the screen allows users to enjoy entertainment, not only because they feel like they ought to (as with smaller smart phones), but because it works. The power of the Galaxy Note has paved the way for Samsung’s next release to be a real competitor with the iPhone.

Chromebook Pixel

A contender to fight Apple and Microsoft at the higher end of the laptop market has been announced by Google. The Pixel has been designed around what critics say is to be the best screen ever to have been placed inside a laptop. The success of the Android operating system on smart phones has paved the way for Google to create a laptop of their own which is not reliant entirely upon externally sourced operating systems.

Raspberry Pi

Released initially as an affordable computer to help youngsters learn how to write code, the Raspberry Pi has proved incredibly popular with the technologically gifted across the globe. From media centres to storage units, the versatility and low price mark the Raspberry Pi as one of the 21st century’s finest achievements to date. As software stability issues are fixed, the Pi could well see its audience rise at a surprising rate over the course of the next year.

Google Glass

It may not have been released yet but this list would not be complete without a mention of Google Glass. The futuristic idea sees smart phone technology built upon and integrated further into everyday life. The success or failure of Google’s pioneering product will tell us a lot about the future of the technology world.


Tina Schumann blogs on technology alongside her position in retail. Her blogging topics range from following new releases to arguments for users to sell their iPads. She lives and works in Glasgow.


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