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How Technology Has Revolutionized These 6 Career Fields

27 March 2013 One Comment

canstockphoto9886727Technology brings about new inventions, gadgets and toys every single day, and these new ideas are changing the way we do our jobs every single day. The way we did our jobs today may become a thing of the past tomorrow and your career livelihood may depend on your ability to embrace technology.

Acting: Taking Creativity to the Next Level

Whether it’s Photoshopping your headshot or sending audition clips over YouTube, struggling actors are finding new ways to break into the industry. Many upcoming actors and writers are bypassing the expense of agencies and talent scouts and are just putting their stuff out there on the internet. Just as the lower costs of film-making equipment facilitated the rise of indie films in the 90s, platforms like YouTube and Vimeo have changed how we share, distribute and consume content. Even newer innovations such as Kickstarter have made it easier for ambitious upstarts to fund and produce their projects.

Healthcare: Any Diagnosis in the Palm of Your Hand

The idea of creating uniform patient records accessible to any doctor the patient visits will remove gaps in health history and make diagnoses easier and more accurate. Hundreds of healthcare apps are being designed to allow people to diagnose themselves and keep track of their health conditions, while doctors and nurses’ jobs are also being made more efficient.

Urban Planning: Rome Wasn’t Built on the Computer

Today’s urban planners can collaborate on a city’s layout on the web, making their design tweaks in real-time. With the data-gathering capabilities available today, cities can be designed more efficiently to smooth out traffic jams and make life as it was planned to be. Those who get a masters in urban planning will be on the forefront of innovation that helps to make our cities safer and more environmentally sustainable.

Athlete: Becoming Stronger, Faster and Smarter

With advances in training and dieting, today’s athlete continues to be bigger, stronger and faster than those who played only five or ten years ago. Athletes can also watch game tape on their tablet or smart phone while they are stretching or sitting on an airplane. That tape is also broken down to every last movement and advanced statistic metrics show areas to improve that did not even exist a few years ago.

Communication technologies and social media has also changed the way coaches and athletes interact with the media. Some of the most followed twitter accounts are those tied to AAA sports organizations and athletes.

Journalist: The Ever-Changing and Moving Career

The 24/7 news cycle is part of mainstream culture, so anyone working in the news industry has the constant pressure of having to break a story at all hours of the day as quickly as possible. With tablets, social media, texting and whatever comes next, journalists also have to be on the cutting edge of technology to reach the most readers and continue to market themselves and their website as the go-to source for news.

Clothing Designers: Apparel Designed for Performance and Good Looks

Motion-capture technology allows designers to now design clothing that best fits the consumer, from shoes, to shirts and even socks. Technology is a word commonly used for the latest sportswear, from keeping you warm or dry and improving your performance. Design technology makes sure you look great while wearing them too.

Staying ahead of the technology curve will ensure you are never the odd one out in your field and may put you at the front of the line for the new careers being created every day.


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    Technology is so convenient . It's making our lives easier every single day, whether it is tasks or chores at home or work at the office and you have a deadline to meet.