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Top tips everyone should know about managing extra money

13 April 2013 One Comment

In the current economic climate extra money may seem like a foreign concept, but there are many ways you can generate additional income or find yourself on the receiving end of some extra cash. This can have a big impact on your lifestyle and also affect your investments and assets in a positive way. There are so many ways extra money can be obtained; inheritance from a family member, a random competition you entered, or even winning big on the go with mobile slots games at a site like www.mobileslots.net .Here are the top tips for managing extra money when you receive a sudden windfall.

Buy your own house

If you are currently renting or have a large mortgage one of the most sensible ways to manage extra money would be to either buy your own property or pay off a large chuck of your mortgage. One of the key ways to both save and invest in your future is to own property and any extra cash you may come upon will always be wisely used if put into bricks and mortar.

Purchase a holiday house

If you already own property, a holiday house is a wise investment. It is also a great way to invest whilst giving you the opportunity to generate additional income by renting the property out to other holiday makers. By managing your money you can either purchase a house out right or secure a mortgage with affordable monthly repayments. When purchasing a second property avoid potential debt in the future by calculating the annual cost of running the house and all sundry expenses involved.

Buy a car

A car may be considered a depreciating asset but it can often save you money in the long run. In many cases people spend more money fixing a car or continually incurring maintenance costs as they cannot afford a reliable vehicle. By using your extra cash to buy a car you can save in the long run and have reliable and efficient transport whenever needed.

Alternatively you can invest your extra money and either manage your finances yourself or appoint a broker. Purchasing assets is always a suggested way of ensuring your money works for you, but saving is also a wise way to ensure your financial future is secure.

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  • Evinizi Yenileyin said:

    Wouldn't buying a car make an outcome more than it profits you? It is true that, if you consider it to cab fees, you are in profit, but I wouldn't really say about a comparison with taking a bus daily to driving your own car. The most basic reason is that as much the consume of oil, the higher fees will it take in time.

    That's precisely why now there's also electric powered mobiles now. But an extra to that also is, the distance you take is shorter, and it's still yet far off being generalized.