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Dog and Puppy Insurance Protection

13 April 2014 No Comment

canstockphoto4338948Minor injuries, illnesses, accidents, genetic and hereditary conditions, congenital conditions, emergency care or other serious and expensive chronic illnesses that require continuous treatment well into the pet’s old age are all reasons to have Healthy Paws lifetime coverage insurance for your beloved dog or puppy. That insurance will give you peace of mind about having the necessary funds when it becomes necessary to visit your licensed veterinarian, specialist or emergency animal hospital.

From the #1 customer-rated plan in “Pet Insurance Review”, you get to choose the affordable monthly premium, deductible co-pay, and reimbursement level that is within your specific budget so that your pet will be covered for future incidents that are not pre-existing conditions nor previously noted clinical symptoms on your veterinarian’s records. It is easy to determine if it is not a pre-existing condition. If it’s an accident, injury or illness with symptoms that did not occur until after enrollment, the pet is covered.

This insurance also does not cover routine veterinary care such as the veterinary exam fee, vaccinations, spay/neuter procedures or teeth cleaning.

Covered services include such items as prescription medications, diagnostic testing, surgeries and hospitalization.  Coverage for Hip Dysplasia is included at no extra cost as long as you enroll your dog before the age of six; a 12-month waiting period applies for this coverage.

All dog breeds are eligible for unlimited lifetime benefits. They can be enrolled as early as eight weeks old and up to their 14th birthday.

The claim process is made simple. After you pay for the treatment, you send in a simple one page claim form together with the veterinary invoice, the claim is processed quickly, and a reimbursement check will be on its way back to you.

It is interesting to note that through the insurance’s Homeless Pet Medical Grant Program, thousands of homeless pets in animal rescue shelters and groups are provided with medical treatment.

For more information, please contact our insurance agency in Wilmington, where we join those who feel that all pets deserve a healthier and happier tomorrow.

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