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Are You Making These 4 Interview Mistakes?

22 April 2014 No Comment

canstockphoto17692156Interviews are one of the most stressful and nerve wracking parts of the job searching process. Most people are fearful that their nerves will get the best of them and cost them the job, but it may not be your nerves that ruin your chances; it may be your actions. Are you making these 4 interview mistakes?

1.      Over exaggerating Your Qualifications

One of the most common interviewing mistakes is over exaggerating your qualifications. Most job seekers will tell the hiring manager that they can handle any task he or she describes in an attempt to land the job. This usually winds up backfiring on candidates when they are unable to meet the employer’s expectations or live up to the responsibilities of the job. Honesty is always the best policy.

If you do not have experience with one particular task, be upfront and honest about it. Hiring managers are looking for candidates that shine in a few areas. They understand that not every candidate can meet all of the job description’s specifications.

2.      Failing to Research the Company

It may seem like it’s enough to perform a job search and apply directly, but you need go beyond this basic step and research the company. It’s essential to be prepared for your interview, and this means preparing for interview questions. Get to know the company you are applying for.

Find out what their needs are and about any new projects they are working on. This allows you to go into the interview armed and ready to answer any question the hiring manager may ask about the company. It also gives you the opportunity to discuss the company’s needs and how your skills can address those needs. If you go into the interview not knowing a thing about the company, the hiring manager is not going to be impressed.

3.      Not Asking Questions

Far too many job seekers fail to ask questions during their interviews. Not having any questions for the interviewer makes you appear unprepared and disinterested. Ask a question about the company, its culture, or the position you are interviewing for. For instance, you may ask the interviewer why he or she enjoys working at the company. Asking questions shows that you are really interested in the position and serious about the job. It also demonstrates your ability to think on your own and not just do as your employer asks.

4.      Being Negative About Past Employers

Negativity will ruin your chances of landing a job. Bringing up bad experiences from your previous employers will create a negative impression. Why would a hiring manager want to add you to their team if you have nothing but negative things to say about your previous employers? Instead, adopt a positive outlook. A candidate with an upbeat attitude is more driven and motivated in the eyes of a hiring manager. Positivity also helps keep employee morale up, whereas a negative attitude may wind up slowing productivity. Always enter the interview with a smile and greet the hiring manager with a handshake.


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