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Ways To Pay For College And Not Move Home

24 April 2014 No Comment

canstockphoto18069825With today’s economy and college tuitions constantly on the rise college students need part time jobs in addition to what their parents can afford to give them for daily spending and supplies such as books for college.

Many college students attend college on athletic or academic scholarships which takes care of a large portion of their college tuition. However, even with scholarships most students still need a par time job and help from home to cover incidental expenses. The average college student that comes from families with average to above average incomes soon realize that with college expenses including an apartment if they choose to live off campus that they do not have the extra money for eating out and other social activities. Even students that come from affluent families soon realize money does not grow on trees.

So what is the future of recent college graduates? Some move back home while others stay in college and further their education to receive their Bachelor’s Degree. However, there seems to be a new trend emerging. Most students that are about to enter college feel they will be able to lead an independent life with help from their parents once they graduate college. The percentage of students has doubled in recent years from 12% to 24%. However students that believe they can lead independent lives without help from home has dropped from 75% to 45%.

If you really want to get out of your parents’ house and not living back in your old bedroom you will have to get a job. Many graduates find that getting a starting level job is the key to gaining financial security. Keep in mind that while you are building your nest egg you won’t be able to afford things such as name brand clothes. Most graduates just starting out on entry level jobs don’t usually wear Calvin Klein suits, designer hand bags or the latest in fashion footwear. Believe it or not when you are starting out on your own you won’t be able to afford the things you had when you were living at home such as the latest iPad or Smartphone because all your money will be going towards a car, utilities and rent.

Prepare yourself for a hard dose of reality as what you had that was supplied by your parents will have to be put aside until you can afford it. It took years for your parents to get what they have now and be able to afford everything you needed or wanted. Now is the time you will understand how hard your parents worked to make the life you were living. Also remember that in addition to all the daily expenses you will also have debt due to student loans as well. So before you consider upgrading to the latest phone or buying a brand new car take into consideration what you need to survive every day and the debts you have. It may sound like hard work sacrificing what you used to have when living at home but remember that every college student has gone through the same thing.



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