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Can I make a PPI Complaint?

22 January 2015 No Comment

canstockphoto13272728The payment protection insurance (PPI) claims scandal has been the most troublesome and embarrassing to affect the UK banking industry, and continues to cast a shadow over the industry as a result.  The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) reports that it still to this day, years on, receives thousands of new PPI complaints each week.  It has even had to recruit more staff to deal with the large volume of cases and subsequent backlog in PPI compensation cases.

Most complaints for mis-sold PPI are successful.  The banks and lenders involved have so far earmarked billions of pounds to repay wronged customers including those for PPI claims but, with analysts estimating a final figure of far in excess of that seen now it is clear we are not in sight of an end to the saga.

About PPI Claims

PPI claims are a legal right for anyone who has been mis sold a policy, and the High Court has already ruled that many PPI sales were illegal, hence the rush to claim back the fees on mis sold policies. Our team of experienced advisers has so far helped many people make successful claims, and we are confident we can help you, too. We take the strain out of the system by using our experience to help you get back what you are entitled to.

Can I Make PPI Claims?

If you have taken out a loan or mortgage (or credit card, car finance deal etc) with a bank or other lender you have a right to make PPI claims for the fees on any mis-sold PPI policy you may be party to.  It could be that you were not told of your right to shop around for the best deal – a common instance of mis-selling – or that you were sold a policy that would have been no use to you as it did not fit your individual requirements for the insurance; either way, and there are other examples, it has never been easier to claim, so get things underway right now.

How to Make PPI Claims

Our experienced team of advisers can help you make PPI claims and provide you with a package including a no win no fee* claims deal so you do not have to pay if you are not successful.  You can also use our free PPI calculator for an estimate of your eventual payment.  Make sure you check all the paperwork relating to your past and present credit agreements as, with an industry average repayment of £2750, you may even have more than one PPI policy and therefore be entitled to a considerable amount.

It is your right to claim, so get the wheels in motion right now and claim back what you are owed, plus the compensation you deserve.

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