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How We Are Benefiting from Wireless Technology

28 April 2015 No Comment

canstockphoto9886727Christopher Columbus set out more than 500 years ago to challenge the idea that the world was flat. However, the rise of wireless technology is bringing into question his findings, as it continues to flatten the world by reducing costs and eliminating barriers to getting access to information, markets, and communications. Wireless technology is helping to improve our quality of life and opportunities, as well as to make our businesses more productive, efficient, and competitive. 

Reducing the Information Divide

In developing countries like India, where most people cannot afford to own a PC or laptop, mobile Internet is what is making more universal access to the Internet possible. Even in affluent countries like the U.S., wireless technology is breaking down the information divide between income, racial, and educational groups. People who once had very limited access to the Internet are now using their mobile devices to get the Internet’s benefits. 

Take Your Books, TV, Movies, and Music Anywhere and Everywhere

Gone are the days of having to amass large physical collections of books, music, movies, and other entertainment. Instead, Google Play, Amazon Kindle, and iTunes, among others, have made it possible to take our collections with us anywhere and everywhere we go.

Wireless technology has also freed us from being tied to TV schedules, because we now have access to all of our favorite shows on a mobile device. We do not even need multiple remote controls, because smartphones can send viewing information right to our television sets, change channels, and program recordings for our favorite shows.

Everyday Hassles Are Being Made Easier

Wireless technology is making tedious errands like going to the bank a thing of the past. In the U.S., bank customers can use Internet and mobile banking to conduct most transactions, and even deposit a check by snapping a picture.

GPS technology has cut out the headaches for finding new places and traveling. In a matter of seconds, fast wireless Internet through a trustworthy network can bring us everything we need to know right to our fingertips.

Wireless security technology can also send information directly to our smartphones to keep us informed about what our kids are doing with a new babysitter, let us know if the dog has made a mess at home, or watch our homes while we are away at work or on vacation.

Long-distance communication applications like Skype, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp have dramatically reduced the costs of keeping in touch with family and friends all over the world. In addition, these applications and others like them are being increasingly used by large and small businesses alike to meet their communications needs, and to gain access to global business opportunities at a minimal cost.

Businesses and their employees are becoming more productive and efficient. Wi-Fi has eliminated the need for investing in expensive wired networks, which need costly maintenance and replacing over time. By reducing the investments needed to start and run a business, more entrepreneurs are becoming empowered to pursue their business ideas.

Cloud storage programs like Dropbox and Salesforce have greatly expanded businesses and people’s capacity to organize, store, and easily access lots of information. In addition, mobile applications like Zendesk have increased businesses’ capacities to respond to customer and other business needs, without having to invest in large infrastructure and more staff.

Employees and Business Owners Have Greater Mobility and Flexibility

Using smartphones and wireless computers, we no longer need employees seated at desks to check emails, process customer orders, or to provide customer service. By providing more mobility and flexibility, wireless technology is helping businesses to enable their employees to work on-the-go or even from home, which is a great benefit for working parents. Many businesses are now offering remote and telecommuting options, so their employees can work from home or anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection.

Wireless technology has come to break the mold. Around the world, businesses of all sizes and people from all walks of life are taking advantage of wireless technology’s amazing benefits.


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